Принц Папа Жан


What is a multinovel? The name above is not eloquent enough. Many works in one, a new direction in literature and thinking. Everything for yourself, unfinished and with many question marks. Everything, without any, inadequate and devoid of integrity. Everything that leads to everyone and needs it.

What is the rule of the multinovel? The multimer has no rule, but is the rule for successful coalitions of many genres, almost all known until now, and all literary forms in one and the other. Each multimer uses his own whims and ways to reach his goal. The present is composed of memories, messages and a real life autobiography of the world-famous poet / haiku artist and writer MAESTRO ACADEMIC PROFESOR PRINCE PAPA JAN, from poems, poems, novels, contemporary thrillers, fantasies, philosophical theories, reproductions of paintings, personalities, images in images, world gallery, proverbs and aphorisms, a new kind of message, tristiha – haiku – gay. Part of the aphorisms are titles – question and answer. The title, in turn, is a picture title by PAPA JAN, and the answer is part of the message to the world. Each of this message is the subject of a separate work and of many more developments in the context of the present work. They have another purpose. Creating a panoramic view of the life and creativity of the adventurer in life and the knight in the knowledge of RUSSIAN KNIVES – PAPA JAN. The absurd hero of being, the eternal seeker of values that we can not only laugh and weep, but also to stop choking and rediscovering and also to think and create spiritual values and aesthetic beauty and love …

Have a pleasant trip in the labyrinths of life and beyond!



This is the true term by which to call this work:

Again I attain her intuitively.
I attain her spiritually.
I tear her up.
She tears me up.
The saint is also a whore.
The sinner and the goddess.
It might sound trivial, but the fountain is the thirst!
I cannot revisit my memories without tearing them up, without mixing them with the unexperienced which is yet experienced in my dreams. To tear the pages and throw them up so that chaos can be my co-author
of this unique book without which our love was inconceivable.
I am going to lead the way through labyrinths in order to take you to the deepest, warmest and tenderest cave. The cave of my heart and of her heart, the absent reason and the frank absence of scruples approximating a consummate morality and the consummate morality for me is the aesthetic, i.e. its antagonistic opposite.
I am known as Prince Papa Jan, world-renowned painter, writer and poet, philosopher, healer, Academician Professor: ever infamous, ever frank, frequently seeming crazy, to other people – a man of genius. This makes me real.
She is a poetess, professor – philosopher, artist, musician, the butterfly of multi-dimensional harmony, virtuoso of verbal dexterity which makes her multiple. Multi-faceted, incognoscible, divine.
I had the felicity of officiating at her thrills.
She had the felicity of being a spirit in the temple of my body.
Afterwards we reached out at more than one, nay, at a million forbidden fruits. We fed on them but more hungry, we started being torn by the thrills which at first were constructive.
We met in order to have an enchanting dream, we met in order to live out an erotic thriller, a drama of broken hearts, trembling bodies and brains, a collision of fantasy and harmony, in order to produce an actual projection of a hallucination, to summarize the blissful impulses for love, to fight with our love in the name of love and naturally, in order to chisel the Virgin’s image of the third millenium, the universal and sinful image of the modern and eternal woman,through my paintings and verbal diarrhoea. Then we were to part in ink in order to turn into spirits which would possess your bodies.

We had the right not to err.
To drink from the adder of our unscrupulous voluptuousness.
To live in our world of the imagination, indifferent to everything.
To be spiritual beggars in the bodies of aristocrats.
Our love to be the black mass which would poison the life of many.
It is impossible to deify without killing.
It is impossible to make love to someone without stretching his body around your heart.
It is impossible to erotically touch a spirit without turning it into ashes.
In this book we are a living unfulfilment. That, which we wanted but dared not is in the text….
That is why turned from living ones into textual ones in order to live our lives as a linguistical
lovers – romantically felicitous martyrs.
Parallelly, we are precisely those who we wereand those who we will remain forever in the text. A fruit of our actualized and not actualized reality, an expression of our lived and fictitious exquisite fantasy. Because our love is magically realistically fantastic.
In the book, intellectualism turns into textoalism.When you leaf through the pages of this book you will follow me into a mind-boggling erotic play.
When you leaf through the book you will be aroused, totally spiritualized because I know there is nobody who would not be altered after such experiences.
The flesh is unworthy of them.
There is something transcendental, something linking them, more mature than they which can only be called love.
Poetry is inevitable.
I was reincarnated in the word in order to leave the frame of my experiences, in order to come into contact with their metaphysical projection and to re-live it as spirituality.
Eroticism is present on every hand. When I touched my beloved Irine, Shiva was touching Privati, Vishnu – Lakshmi, Krishna – Radha, Eros – Psyche, Narcissus – Echo, Theseus – Antiope, Odysseus – Penelope, Dionysus – Ariadne, Perseus – Andromeda, Mejnun – Leili, Romeo – Juliet, Adam – Eve. On the threshold of the abyss I reached the summits. The storm was breaking the tree branches and they bit it and kissed it. The rain was possessing the earth. The fire, the cooled spirit. Everything merged into everything else. It was not a love affair but a madness.
Today I went back to those passionate memories in order to make the paper groan and my heart to dissolve and get wet in order to receive your spirit in its kiss.
I went back to these passionate memories in order to confess my sin.
I revisited these passionate memories in order to convince you that we love , therefore exist.
I revisited these passionate memories in order to kiss the past and be parted from it.
I have been frank, indecent at points even, I have been sinfully daring but throughout, in all these pages – pure before you, pure before her and before myself.
Frankly erotic, exulting, ecstatic as in the pictures I poured my soul, line after line in order to perform as MULTINOVEL the romance of my life.
Philosophically minded, with childish naivety, then I sinned and now I analyse my sins and confessing them before you I divest them of their diabolical image.
An existentialist, I paint an existence and interpret it through the very existence itself.
Being an energy lyzist, line after line I dissolve and pour myself onto the pages.
` This is a multinovel of the modern and of the eternal. This is an erotic thriller and a philosophical treatment of the image of love and a voluptuous poem.
A book of the heart.
A book of the heart, of every fibre but also of thought.
An unusual history which tells of ordinary things.
An autobiographic novel but biography, in general, of love.
A scandalous self-compromising book but self-therapy as well.
Events from my past but also a bit of fantasy because love itself is fantasy.
A series of diabolical stories.
Erotic poetry.
A sentimental Saga.
An essey on freedom.
Haiku Janoisms.
A formula of the absurd.
Omnisemantic biography.
Poetic prose.
Naturalist painting.
Introduction to the voluptuous madness of Energy Lyzism and Universalism: my style of painting , writing and life.
Smashing of any and every literary norm in the name of truth, in the name of love , in the name of Princess Erotica.
Naturally, the book could be called also a Bible of vice were not for the fact that the personages could not but take complicated decisions of moral nature according to the true Code of Liberty. And the true Code of Liberty is unwritten, it is unbearable people who are given to passionate reasoning of an amatory nature, it is inconceivable vis-à-vis the decisions we take in the real world.
The book is an outpouring of ache, thrill, suffering, joy, sweetness and chagrin.
Were I to be blamed for being overly graphic, lewd, insolent, crude and primitive it would mean that merely my messages haven’t been understood. Let my accusers re-read those parts of the Bible like “Song of Songs”, then “Panchantra” and “Cama Sutra” – those archetypal books. I urge them after that to re-visit my outpourings inscribed in blood, sweat and tears, volumes of sperm and vitality. Having done that, can they then call them pornography and sleaze? This is a novel about the absurd. The plot is punctuated, contradicting, self-precluding, self-actualizing and without my hel in places self-provoking, self-satisfying, filled with vicissitudes and surprising about-turns. This is a plot – a mimesis of life itself.
In it are described post-modern features, existentialist, epoch-defining events; they prompt me to boldly call this reading matter MULTINOVEL. It is a new attribute in history, a pattern of countless literary forms and genres within a single book – a unique literary creation.
I pondered long before embarking on this endeavour. Time and again I gave it up but in the end I could not resist the temptation to experience the most dazzling lunar orgasm once more. This is it.

Yours truly,

Prince Papa Jan

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