Принц Папа Жан


MANIFEST – THE TREATMENT CHARTI CALL THE PUBLIC BOOK OF THE ETERNITY “” THE PRINCE PAPA JAN GALLERYTHE BULGARIAN PRESIDENCY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION ON 1 JANUARY2018 YEAR. THE PRESIDENCY IS RELATED TO THE ROTATION PRINCIPLEEACH MEMBER STATE FOR A SIX MONTHS PERIOD 08 09 2017 BEGINNING, MEGA – THE LOVE WITHOUT WAR PROJECT – THE BIGGESTBOOK IN THE WORLD “THE BOOK OF ETERNITY” “” THE GOSPEL PRINCE PAPA JAN “- THIS IS OF 20013 PAGES. WORLD RECORD FOR THE NEW KNOWLEDGE ANDMERCY  TO BE PROPOSED FOR THE GINES BOOK – UNION OFHUMANITY BY ART WITHOUT WAR.In this project is presented the completed work and ideas of COSMOPOLITE – UNITER, the world famous painter and writer – poet, director, healer, philosopher and thinker Maestro Academician Professor Ivan Nikolov Georgiev Prince Papa Jan “KNYAZ” of Great Russia – NEW ELITE OF RUSSIA “- HUMAN – MAIN GLOBAL MAG OF BULGARIA. An analysis of this sinister year in which the Apocalyptic, silently began the Third World War and humanity divided into religious and social affiliations, the victims of the warriors, the miseries and the displacement of the peoples had gained d size where the world was divided into Islamist terrorists – sectarians and abiding warriors, poor and rich, good and bad.The idea of ​​this project is to unite humanity through love and art and NOT the WAR AND TERROR and to involve people on earth regardless of religious, party and political beliefs.The HUMAN CONSTITUTION in the project is the unification of mankind and NOT of  WAR, the dream of the Gods – Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and I – THE WORKER – “Bogomil” and God Blesed through the creation of “The book of Eternity” – THE “GALLERY PRINCE PAPA JAN”. The Idea of ​​Peace and Love, of World Without War, of Understanding among Humans, and of Delivering Positives! THE CONTINUATION OF THE CHILDREN’S ASSAMBLEY   NAMED “THE ENSIGN OF PEACE” Children’s Art Festival under the aegis of UNESCO – created by LUDMILA ZHIVKOVA – STUDENT OF INDIRA GANDI, DOTHER OF TODOR JIVKOV – PRESIDENT OF BULGARIA AT THIS TIME AND ELENA BLAVTSKAYA – ANNA BEZAND, where all differences are forgotten and united in one religion, race, and culture with the concept, we all are a single entity. An instant in which political, religious, and racial differences melt and die in the majesty of Peace and Love. “The Book of Eternity” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan is proof that the idea of ​​Universalism and Love is not dead, but shines over violence, over everything ugly and fake, over the hypocrisy and corruption of the world.I am not a man, but a door, reminiscent of a human body. The world is on one side, on the other – the spiritual beginning. 1. Motto: “Draw history and wisdom from the sources themselves” – PRINCE PAPA JAN 2. motto: “I Breathe, I am Existing” – SAINT AUGUSTIN3. Name: «Deus le Volt – (God wants it)» – PAPA YRBAN 2. Crusade of the sacred crusadesmarch.4. motto: “No question of class struggle is resolved in history other thanVIOLENCE »- LINEN5. motto: «Do not resist evil; and if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn it over to the other »- Jesus Christ

  1. motto: “Four noble truths; 1. Human life is initially NEEDED 2. The reason for this unhappiness are the human self-esteem and the Greed 3. The selfishness and the greed of every person can be put to an end – a state where all desires and aspirations are abolished is called Nirvana (literally – quenching) 4. A way to avoid Selfishness and Greed is the so-called “Eighth Way”: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Correct Activity, Correctly livelihood, proper effort, proper care, and proper CONVENIENCE »- GATTAMA BUDA
  2. A motto: “One only omnipotent God who dominates the whole universe is ALLAH” – MOCHAMED Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit with Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jan at the International Scientific and Theological Conference ‘Prince Vladimir. 1000 years of communication in the Russian Cultural and Information Center. On 10 10 2015 Patriarch Neofit of Bulgaria received the “Book of Love” and Blessed Maestro Prince Papa’s new project for the world’s largest book 20013 Pages – ‘Book of Eternity’ “The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan”

THE WORKS will be read in Bulgarian, English, Russian and – probably – other languages ​​and include:

– 146 books  “Book of Love” and trilogy “Prince Papa Jan World Gallery” the first multi-novel in the world ” LUNAR ORGASM”  – 113 books

– 133 poems and poems

– 713 haiku genomes

– 333 messages

– 13 philosophical theories and a new style in the world painting – “Energetic Lysism”

– 67 parables and tales.

– 150 reproductions of Prince Papa Jan’s masterpieces

– 300 photos with presidents and celebrities

– 300 pictures – “life in images”

– 313 opinions, analyzes of the artist’s overall creativity – The mystery of Prince Papa Jean – most created by the great thinker.

The cover will be made from original silver fittings.

THE TREASURE WILL BE CONTAINED ONLY FROM A BOOK THAT WILL BE GIVEN IN THE MUSEUM and thousands of discs-copies of the book for people will be created. A copy will also fly into space. This book is the 40-year-old Creative, Thought, Intellectual and Energy Work of Maestro Prince Papa Jean, and investing in it for several million. THE TREATMENT – BASED ONLY will be given to the Bulgarian Museum and will serve for DAY GROWTH

The Gods,  the creation and the humanity collected in one Divine wish and dream of all people for Peace, Love Art and beauty, NOT A WAR, NOT a SORROW, MISERY and  humiliation. THE MOTTO IS “LOVE is wining ALL”.



Discs with the largest book in the world with messages will be sent to all presidents, state-owned heads and chiefs of all sides and all responsible for the peace of the earth. One more personalized creativity, which will involve thousands of children with their messages and drawings for peace. Will be turned on and “The Millennium” of Maestro Prince Papa Jan signed by thousands of politicians, people of art and children. Playing white pigeons, balloons with attached pictures with messages of peace and love. The unification of mankind with good energy, signatures, thoughts and drawing – the basic idea of THE WORLD – “THE EQUALITY OF ART, POVERTY OF PLANET EARTH, LOVE AND UNION OF PEOPLE”

The project will also feature ART MULTIGEN IMPRESSION – “SEASONS, SPIRITS ANDTHE SONGS OF GENIUS “and the show” Maestro Prince Papa Jan “Burning the Head of the Devil” Papa JanThe names of all benefactors, sponsors, translators, designers, printers, publishers and media partners will be written in gold letters in the “CRAETION” and will receive a copy of the creation and the painting of Prince Papa Jen.Some of the funds raised will be donated to children in need of help.

I dreamed of writing THE BIGGEST BOOK OF THE WORLD, and here are my dear readers, fans and friends – “THE PUBLISHING PAPER” “GALLERY PRINCE PAPA JAN” – consisting of twenty thousand and thirteen tru pages – READ THEM PLEASE !!!

The painting called “Dreaming”  was completed  but I will never quite dreaming. Keep  coming  true and keep dreaming.                                                                                                                                             My dream to discover and posses the two most real, smart and beautiful women in the world – LORA MAHATMADEVI AND IRINA DELINA has come true.                                                                                                      I dedicated to my  FAVORITE WOMAN IRINA DELINA one hundred and fifteen books and many portraits and to another favorite woman  LORA MAHATMADEVE one hundred and thirteen portraits and hundreds of poems and poems, much of my work was created thanks to these two GREAT WOMEN IN MY LIFE. I THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART ABOUT THE SUPORT FOR  THIS LOVING WORK.                                                                                                                                                                              And, of course with big gratitute i dedicated to the Prime Minister of Bulgaria  Boyko Borisov the poetry collection “revelations -feedback part of the work”

Thank you to all the wonderful and ingenious specialists who have been participating for the past forty years in this great project. Thanks to dozens of COMPUTER DESIGNERS, TRANSLATORS, EDITORS, CORRECTORS, PRINTINGS, GALERISTS, COLLECTIONERS WHO WERE BUYING MY WORKS TO SUPORT THIS PROJECT AND TO ALL OTHERS.

PERSONALY  THANK TO: Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov, President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev. Bulgaria’s President Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Patriarch of Bulgaria Neofit, Chairman of the Committee on Culture in the National Assembly Vezhdi Rashidov, Minister of Culture Boil Banov, Minister Lilyana Pavlova, Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Mladost Area Desislava Ivancheva,

THANKS TO THE LARGE HEARTED FRIENDS – COLLECTIONERS, MILIARDERS, MILLIONERS AND FAMOUS PEOPLE: Sylvester Stallone, Krasimir Dachev, Vasil Bozhkov, Graf Todor Dimanov, John Dupon, Lili Ivanova, Lora Mahatmadevi, Irina Delina, Chief Prosecutor Ivan Tatarchev, Boss Ivo Karamanski, Galya Karamanska, Nelly Atanasova, Dr. Vladimirov, Professor Dr. Genov. composers Valeria Besedina, academician Marin Goleminov, Toncho Roussev, Valentin Stamov, Mihail Belchev, opera singers Tanya Spiridonova, Nikolay Lyubenov, Emil Popov – Delpopi, poets Lyubomir Levchev, Toni Ji, Evtim Evtimov, singers Lili Ivanova, Yordanka Hristova, Mylene Farmer, Lucos Masciano, Dejan Nedelchev, Diana Dafova, Kamila Todorova, Maica – Ra (Mihaela Stoykova), Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov, Philip Kirkorov, Petya Bouyuklieva, Georgi Hristov, Vasil Naydenov, Kamelia Todorova, Maica – Ra ), directors Nikita Mihalkov, Andrey Sla Stefanov Popov, Petar Toskov, Alek Yankovski, Vladimir Tikhonov, Mariya Kurkinski, Aurora Delina, Stefan Popov, Petar Toskov, Alek Yankovski, Alena Yankovski, Slavi Trifonov, Ivan and Andrei, Gala, Professor Vuckov, the painters Victor Bugai, Ilya Glazanov, Volodya Sizov, academician Svetlin Rusev, the sculptures academician Georgi Chekkunov, Vezhdi Rashidov, Georgi Danchev, Stavri Kalinov, the clairvoyant grandmas Vanga, Juna, Daniela Efre Ovi, the magicians Astor, Bobby show, Shehrizidade, Doctor Koichev, Professor Dr. Kanchev, Doctor Eneva, Dr. Petrov, Doctor Cheshmedzhiev, Doctor Timen Timev, Designers from Aries unique Svetla Dimitrova and Dimitar Krastev, computer designers Ivan Gurkov, Krassimir Krastev and Kostadin Kutryanov . Asen prints, the jewelers Nadya Hristova, Dnyo Pushkov and Irina Kozhuharova, the businessman Ognyan Apostolov, the ambassador Dr. Zdravko Popov, Boris Antonov, Ivanka Petkova, Dr. Georgi Penev, Krasimir Balakov, Hristo Stoichkov, Borislav Mihaylov, Prof. Grigoriy Vazov, Nina Engl, Antoaneta Varshanova, Zhoro Angelov. Elin Yotov, Rossen Chetalbashev, Boyko Ganev, Bozhidar Malinov, my secretary Katyushka Hristeva, my art director Alexander Kutryanov, my bodyguard Rumen Kovachev, my beloved teacher Ginka Zlateva, the actor Stoyan Atanasov, Professor Kolyu Kolev, Professor Petar Marinov, actor Stefan Popov, Kalin Kardanov, Stella Antonova, Hadji Sabin Rankov, Vergil Yordanov, Coco Borets, Peyo of Sprint, Bati Peci, Daniela Stefanova, the editor-in-chief Rumiana Lilova, journalists Patricia Kirilova, Valeria Veleva, Tosho Toshev, Rashkova Nadia Stambolova, Valeria Kaltcheva, the English translator Andrey Todorov and thousands of Bulgarian, American, Russian, Czech, German and international collectors. The Varna Company EMP Group, who  bought  at ones two hundered of my paintings  – the biggest purchase of paintings in the world at one time and everyone who bought more than fifteen thousand my paintings. Thanks to all of you, this great project – the work – took place.

I thank my family Mama Lydia, my father Nicholas – His eternal memory, my sister Annie, my wonderful wives Maria and Russian deputies Alla Krasnikova, my children Gergana and Lydia, my grandchildren Jean, Michael and Alexandra and all the loved ones who have endured , these creative endless years. Thank you ALL of YOU, the most chosen and the God-anointed artist Maestro Academician professor Ivan Nikolov Georgiev Prince Papa Janq,  I created this spectacular work for all of you!

And finally Thanks to the computer manufacturers.  The hundreds of computers from “PRAVETS” to “LENOVO” who  participated in the process, but withstood and did not lose information. But most of my last three laptops, which have been wrinkled several times over the last six months, such as the hot sea screens of 24 hours a day, but they have gone away !!!

I dedicate a book of eternity, the universal gallery Prince Papa Jen  to the Bulgarian Presidency  of the Council of the European Union from January 2018. The Presidency shall be rotated by each Member State for a period of six months.

The promotion of the largest book in the world consisting of 20013 pages “Book of Eternity” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan will be held  on May 24, 2018 at 19th in the Liberation Cinema Theater Maria Lujza Blvd -106

Directions : metro Marisa luzza or Central Station. The night of opening  will be attended by guest singers Polly Paskova, Peyo with group “Srint”, Bobby show and “Sheherezada illusion”, Aries Unikat, Svetla Dimitrova with her collection and a fashion show. With the special participation of the cosmopolitan MAICA – RA (Mihaella Stoikova), transmitting divine harmony to the power of contemporary alternative spiritual music, mystical soundtrack (sound energy of singing) with healing resonance of crystalline singing bowls , ethno folk vocal improvisations and messages  enriched with  “ancient coded language of the vowels “. Songs in which the traditional Bulgarian folklore intertwines with an ancient Orpheus sound. At the party will be presented, the famous and unique cocktail “Blue Frog”, by Count Todor Dimanov

The project received the blessing from the Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit and many spiritual leaders from India, China, Tibet, America and Russia.

END of my spiritual orgasm and ecstasy in this work! I thank the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius for having created this great alphabet and script for us!

Materialization of the imagination and life of the artist as an artistic reality. AMIN!!!

The Universal Gallery is Universal Love.

Universal love is a universal body.

Love him as a soul to be the Spirit.





Prince Papa Jan contact information:

The world-renowned artist, writer and healer Prince Papa Jan Ivan Nikolov Georgiev,

Academician, Professor from Bulgaria.`

Internet site: www.papa-jan.com

Email:  papajan_13@abv.bg        papajan@abv.bg

Skype: princpapajan

Facebook: Ivan Georgiev Prince Papa Jan

Dedicated to the world-famous writer, philosopher and spiritual teacher Lora Yordakieva






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