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Papa Jan – CV

Brief Curriculum Vitae
Maestro Academician Professor Prince Papa Jan is a world-famous avant-garde Bulgarian painter, poet, author, film director, philosopher, natural healer. He was born in 1957 in the town of Assenovgrad, Bulgaria. He graduated in economics at the “Dimiter Tsenov” institute at the town of Svishtov. Then he studied in Moscow with the well-known Russian painters Viktor Bugai and Ilya Glyazunov. He also attended courses at the Syurikov Academy in Moscow.
Offices and titles
Prince Papa Jan, Dr Timen Timev{Jochan Ge Mol) and Irina Delina in 1986 founded in Bulgaria a representative office of New Age. In 1998 he was elected Vice – President of education, culture and art of the Foundation Prometheus of South Russia at the United Nations Organization.
During the period 1999-2000 Prince Papa Jan was professor of Esoterics and ESP Mediatoric at the international academy of alternative science “”Juna”” in Moscow.
On June 24th, 1998, the Russuan Gentry Society “New Elite”’ of Russia elected KNIAZ (Prince) of Russia for exceptional services to Russian culture and art and for thousands of successfully healed citizens. On march 21 2000 Papa Jan was awarded the title ACADEMICIAN – diploma No. 31 of March 21, 2000 as wells the order “”New Elite of Russia”” presented to him by Evgenia Davitashvili Juna. Djuna, world-famous extra-sense healer, generalissimo, academician, professor, artist, poet: (Moscow, 1 July, 1998): The Russian President Boris Yeltzin has awarded her the title of Generalissomo, Extra-sense healer, Juna Devatashvilli – the only woman in the world who has been awarded this title.
Prince Papa Jan, you are a great man on this planet; your work has tremendous importance and deserves great attention. It is food for thought. Your painting brings eternal life. Let it be as your God ordains! YOU ARE HISTORY AND A LIVING LEGEND! LIVE FOREVER! Sincerely your friend: Djuna.
By an order No. 128 from August 22, 2001 of Russia’s Federal Assembly Papa Jan as appointed expert-in-chief on matters of cultural relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria.
Prince Papa Jan – artist, curator-ONE-MAN SHOWS
He is creatively inspired. Passing through Universalism and following the circular technique of drawing and painting, his magic hand produced thousands of pictures to establish at long last the new style in painting “Energy Lyzism”. Living according to the circular time of eternity, Academician Professor Prince Papa Jan travels to dozens of corners of the world to demonstrate his great art. He has exhibited pictures at one-man shows in the town of Plovdiv,the house of Balaban Russia- the Bulgarian Cultural Centre in Moscow, the Bulgarian Commercial Centre in Moscow, the Glinka museum in Moscow, the Russian Cultural Centre in Sofia, the painters’’ Union, the Museum “”Bulgaria and the Slavonic World, and Gallery antiques of Papa Jan in Greece, in the towns of Assenovgrad, Varna, the Vestalka Gallery, Hotel Briz 2 Vidin, and Sofia, in the USA (the Du Pont foundation), the Seychelles, France, Germany. He has taken part in scores of combined international exhibitions all over the world with hundreds of pictures. He staged an auto-da-fe of some of his pictures in the St Kirik monastery and a similar one outside the Bulgarian Parliament as a sign of protest against the heartlessness of the MPs. He also staged the first in the world underwater preview in the town of Assenovgrad under the motto: “Megatour Energy in Action”. Then followed a mega-exhibition at the House of Architects under the motto: “I, Papa Jan…” – a universal premiere; exhibitions in psychiatric asylums, prisons, orphanages, sports halls, administrative halls, cafes, restaurants, monasteries, castles and fortresses and museums. Exhibitions amidst Nature in every season and in every element, amidst waterfalls, high up in the mountains at an altitude of over two thousand metres, in oceans, seas, volcanoes, caves, in the underground and other exotic places. Pictures by the Master are on permanent show in the “PAPA JAN Gallery”. His private collection includes more than 2000 pictures, icons and works of art by the great masters.
He has taken part in dozens of combined international exhibitions all over the world with hundreds of his paintings. Papa Jan staged an individual in Prague in the Czech Republic in 2007 at Bulgaria’s embassy to mark the accession of our country to the European Union, as well as an exhibition at the “”Miro”” gallery in Prague. He also staged an individual exhibition at the Arts Museum in Pilzen – the Czech Republic.
He staged an auto-da-fe of paintings of his on at the St Kyrik monastery and an auto-da-fe of paintings of his own outside the Bulgarian parliament protesting the apathy of the MPs.
He staged the world’s first underwater exhibition at the town of Assenovgrad called “”Megatour of energy in action.
Also staged a mega-exhibition of air-balloons at the towns of Balchik and Sinemorets. In Varna he staged the first world “”moving exhibition”” of pictures inbuilt into clothes.
He has also staged non-traditional exhibitions in mental homes, prisons, orphanages , sports halls, administrative halls, coffee-houses, restaurants, monasteries, age-old castles, fortresses and museums. Also exhibitions amidst nature all over the seasons and in all kinds of storms, among water-falls, high in the mountains at above thousand meters.
Papa Jan has established the first private gallery of antiques in Bulgaria at the St Kyrik monastery.
In Varna
His paintings The Last Supper and Pieta were included in the show “”I, Joustin or the Miseries of Innocence of the “”Voice and Void Theatre” at the world theatre festival at Avignon 2016. In September 2016 in the Spanish city of Barcelona Maestro Prince Papa Jan staged three individual exhibitions and took part in a clip with the world-renowned Argentinian virtuoso singer Lucas Masciano and the patron of the arts Earl Todor Dimanov with the cocktail called the “”Blue Toad of Earl Dimanov
The Master Papa Jan has painted the portraits of world famous personalities:
Christ, the Virgin Mary, Buddha, Granny Vanga, Van Gogh, Irina Delina, Materius Rozenkroitzer, Marylyn Monroe, Salvador Dali, Czar Simeon II, Lenin, Alla Pugachova, Shalyapin, Djuna, Nietzsche, Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Todor Zhivkov, Vladimir Vissotsky, Lilly Ivanova, Bach, Pushkin, Baudelaire, Phillip Kirkorov, Alexander Tomov, Valeri Taganski, Gergana, Lidia, Kali, Delyan , Lora Yordakieva (Makhatmadevi), Koko, and others. He has painted the portrait of the oldest living person in the world Appaz Loressovich Iliev, born in 1896.
Thirteen self-portraits Prince Papa Jan.
Prince Papa Jan – poet, philosopher, author, experimenter. Scientific and theoretical achievements:
In the course of his brief life so far he has written over twenty thousand pages of philosophy, poetry, prose, Haiku-Janoisms and scientific theories – all collected in 133 books. Under the literary pseudonym PRINCE PAPA JAN, HE WROTE THE MOST SHOCKING BOOK OF THE MILLENNIUM, THE WORLD BESTSELLER THE TRILOGY EROTIC THRILLER THE MULTINOVEL ‘LUNAR ORGASM’ which is published in Bulgarian, Russian, English and other languages. He has written the poetic collection ‘PEARL MADNESS’, the book ‘HAIKU-JANOISMS and many others, as well as the trilogy “The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan ”. It is forthcoming as the first audio novel in Bulgaria book translated into five languages. He has written “The Book of Love” and a collection of poems “Love in Silence” dedicated to the world-famous writer, philosopher and spiritual teacher Lora Yordakieva (Makhatmadevi).
Papa Jan is a nature-healer , using bio-energy. His paintings have an energy healing effect with ESP action. The energy of his ESP abilities has turned into an energy of colors. From and ability of the individual it has turned into the ability of his creations which, emancipated from the artist himself, themselves realize Art-Therapy-Communication.
On May 24th 2016 Maestro Prince Papa Jan started a national project for the nine tourist areas in Bulgaria, for each area will be painted nine pictures. In them will be created all national historic and natural remarkable events and places and will become Bulgaria’s logo.
On September 8th 2015 was started the mega-project Love without War the biggest book in the world BOOK OF ETERNITY consisting of 20013 pages and the longest picture of 20013 meters – a world record of knowledge and charity which is to be suggested for inclusion in the Guinness Book – unification of humanity without war. This project presents the entire complete creative work and ideas of the COSMOPOLITAN-UNIFIER- the world renowned artist writer , film director, philosopher ad thinker, Maestro Academician Professor Prince PAPA JAN- THE MAN!
Prince Papa Jan in his life has helped thousands of people to survive both physically and spiritually
With lots of love to everyone!!!
The Universal Gallery is Universal Love.
The universal love is universal body.
Love it like a soul for you to be a Spirit

Internet site: www.papa-jan.com
Facebook: Papajan
e-mail: papajan@abv.bg

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