Принц Папа Жан



Brief Curriculum Vitae



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Offices and titles

Prince Papa Jan, Dr Timen Timev {Jochan Ge Mol) and Irina Delina in 1986 founded in Bulgaria a representative office of New Age. In 1998 he was elected Vice – President of education, culture and art of the Foundation Prometheus of South Russia at the United Nations Organization.

During the period 1999-2000 Prince Papa Jan was professor of Esoterics and ESP Mediatoric at the international academy of alternative science “”Juna”” in Moscow.

On June 24th, 1998, the Russuan Gentry Society “New Elite”’ of Russia elected KNIAZ (Prince) of Russia for exceptional services to Russian culture and art and for thousands of successfully healed citizens. On march 21 2000 Papa Jan was awarded the title ACADEMICIAN – diploma No. 31 of March 21, 2000 as wells the order “”New Elite of Russia”” presented to him by Evgenia Davitashvili Juna. Djuna, world-famous extra-sense healer, generalissimo, academician, professor, artist, poet: (Moscow, 1 July, 1998): The Russian President Boris Yeltzin has awarded her the title of Generalissomo, Extra-sense healer, Juna Devatashvilli – the only woman in the world who has been awarded this title.

Prince Papa Jan, you are a great man on this planet; your work has tremendous importance and deserves great attention. It is food for thought. Your painting brings eternal life. Let it be as your God ordains! YOU ARE HISTORY AND A LIVING LEGEND! LIVE FOREVER! Sincerely your friend: Djuna.

 By an order No. 128 from August 22, 2001 of Russia’s Federal Assembly Papa Jan as appointed expert-in-chief on matters of cultural relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria.

He founded a ne style of painting called “”ENERGY LIZISM’’ – A STYLE OF THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY DISSOLUTION OF COLOURS AND FORMS. Prince Papa Jan – public contributions: arts patronage, sponsorship and charity

Patron of the world famous Russian artist Viktor Bugai, of the Bulgarian artists Lyudmil Ivanov, Nikolai Geshev, and others. He has provided opportunities for creative work to a number of talented artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, athletes. A tradition has been established to award pictures by Prince Papa Jan to the winners of the international wrestling contests “Dan Kolov” and “Nikola Petkov”. Pictures of his are owned by the seven times world champion Valentin Yordanov, American billionaires  John Dupon, the footballers of Bulgaria’s national squad, the bronze medallists of 1994 world Championship. A special award has been given to Hristo Stoichkov, footballer No 1 of Europe. Awards have been given to the No 1 footballers of Bulgaria for 1994 and 1995.

Prince Papa Jan has bestowed pictures and books of his to orphanages, old people’s homes, libraries, schools, ministries and departments, churches, monasteries, hospitals and foundations.

He has cured hundreds of suffering patients with the bio-energy of his hands and with the use of Chinese-Tibetan medicine.

After the fall of the totalitarian regime he established the First Private Gallery and antiquarian display at the International Academy of Architecture, the St Kirik monastery where doors are open for worshippers and hundreds of people light candles at the icons of Papa Jan’s private collection.

He is founder and president of the “Videlina” (Vision) foundation.

He is director general of the publishing house “Art Papa Jan – 20013”. He has established the first in Bulgaria “Art Multi-Media Complex”.

Prince Papa Jan l master of the “Independent Artist” guild.

Co-chairman of the “New Galaxy” transcontinental club.

Vice-president of the international foundation ‘PROMETHEUS’, a centre affiliated to UNESCO.

He and like-minded people voluntarily afforest thousands of hectares in the Pirdop region of the Balkan mountain.

  Prince Papa Jan – artist, curator-ONE-MAN SHOWS

He is creatively    inspired. Passing through Universalism and following the circular technique of drawing and painting, his magic hand produced thousands of pictures to establish at long last the new style in painting “Energy Lyzism”. Living according to the circular time of eternity, Academician Professor Prince Papa Jan travels to dozens of corners of the world to demonstrate his great art. He has exhibited pictures at one-man shows in the town of Plovdiv,the house of Balaban  Russia- the Bulgarian Cultural Centre in Moscow, the Bulgarian Commercial Centre in Moscow, the Glinka museum in Moscow, the Russian Cultural Centre in Sofia, the painters’’ Union, the Museum “”Bulgaria and the Slavonic World, and Gallery antiques of Papa Jan in Greece, in the towns of Assenovgrad, Varna, the Vestalka Gallery, Hotel Briz 2  Vidin, and Sofia, in the USA (the Du Pont foundation), the Seychelles, France, Germany. He has taken part in scores of combined international exhibitions all over the world with hundreds of pictures. He staged an auto-da-fe of some of his pictures in the St Kirik monastery and a similar one outside the Bulgarian Parliament as a sign of protest against the heartlessness of the MPs. He also staged the first in the world underwater preview in the town of Assenovgrad under the motto: “Megatour Energy in Action”. Then followed a mega-exhibition at the House of Architects under the motto: “I, Papa Jan…” – a universal premiere; exhibitions in psychiatric asylums, prisons, orphanages, sports halls, administrative halls, cafes, restaurants, monasteries, castles and fortresses and museums. Exhibitions amidst Nature in every season and in every element, amidst waterfalls, high up in the mountains at an altitude of over two thousand metres, in oceans, seas, volcanoes, caves, in the underground and other exotic places. Pictures by the Master are on permanent show in the “PAPA JAN Gallery”. His private collection includes more than 2000 pictures, icons and works of art by the great masters.


He has taken part in dozens of combined international exhibitions all over the world with hundreds of his paintings. Papa Jan staged an individual in Prague in the Czech Republic in 2007 at Bulgaria’s embassy to mark the accession of our country to the European Union, as well as an exhibition at the “”Miro”” gallery in Prague.  He also staged an individual exhibition at the Arts Museum in Pilzen – the Czech Republic.

He staged an auto-da-fe of paintings of his on at the St Kyrik monastery and an auto-da-fe of paintings of his own outside the Bulgarian parliament protesting the apathy of the MPs.

He staged the world’s first underwater exhibition at the town of Assenovgrad called “”Megatour of energy in action.

Also staged a mega-exhibition of air-balloons at the towns of Balchik and Sinemorets. In Varna he staged the first world “”moving exhibition”” of pictures inbuilt into clothes.

He has also staged non-traditional exhibitions  in mental homes, prisons, orphanages , sports halls, administrative  halls, coffee-houses, restaurants, monasteries, age-old castles, fortresses and museums. Also exhibitions amidst nature all over the seasons and in all kinds of storms, among water-falls, high in the mountains at above thousand meters.

Papa Jan has established the first private gallery of antiques in Bulgaria at the St Kyrik monastery.

In Varna

His paintings The Last Supper and Pieta were included in the show “”I, Joustin or the Miseries of Innocence of the “”Voice and Void Theatre” at the world theatre festival at Avignon 2016. In September 2016 in the Spanish city of Barcelona  Maestro Prince Papa Jan staged three individual exhibitions and took part in a clip with the world-renowned Argentinian virtuoso singer Lucas Masciano  and the patron of the arts Earl Todor Dimanov with the cocktail called the “”Blue Toad of Earl Dimanov

The Master Papa Jan has painted the portraits of world famous personalities:

Christ, the Virgin Mary, Buddha, Granny Vanga, Van Gogh, Irina Delina, Materius Rozenkroitzer, Marylyn Monroe, Salvador Dali, Czar Simeon II, Lenin, Alla Pugachova, Shalyapin, Djuna, Nietzsche, Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Todor Zhivkov, Vladimir Vissotsky, Lilly Ivanova, Bach, Pushkin, Baudelaire, Phillip Kirkorov, Alexander Tomov, Valeri Taganski, Gergana, Lidia, Kali, Delyan , Lora Yordakieva (Makhatmadevi), Koko, and others. He has painted the portrait of the oldest living person in the world Appaz Loressovich Iliev, born in 1896.

Thirteen self-portraits Prince Papa Jan.

Prince Papa Jan – poet, philosopher, author, experimenter. Scientific and theoretical achievements:

In the course of his brief life so far he has written over twenty thousand pages of philosophy, poetry, prose, Haiku-Janoisms and scientific theories – all collected in 146 books. Under the literary pseudonym PRINCE PAPA JAN, HE WROTE THE MOST SHOCKING BOOK OF THE MILLENNIUM, THE WORLD BESTSELLER THE EROTIC THRILLER THE MULTINOVEL ‘LUNAR ORGASM’ -113 books – A multi-novel  is a new definition in literature- a scheme of  infinite literary forms and genre within a single work and none other literary form which is published in Bulgarian, Russian, English and other languages. He has written the poetic collection ‘PEARL MADNESS’, the book ‘HAIKU-JANOISMS and many others, as well as the trilogy “The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan”. It is forthcoming as the first audio novel in Bulgaria book translated into five languages. He has written “The Book of Love” and a collection of poems “Love in Silence” dedicated to the world-famous writer, philosopher and spiritual teacher Lora Yordakieva (Makhatmadevi).

Papa Jan is a nature-healer, using bio-energy. His paintings have an energy healing effect with ESP action. The energy of his ESP abilities has turned into an energy of colors. From and ability of the individual it has turned into the ability of his creations which, emancipated from the artist himself, themselves realize Art-Therapy-Communication.

On May 24th 2017 Maestro Prince Papa Jan started a national project for the nine tourist areas in Bulgaria, for each area will be painted nine pictures. In them will be created all national historic and natural remarkable events and places and will become Bulgaria’s logo.

On September 8th 2017 was started the mega-project Love without War the biggest book in the world BOOK OF ETERNITY  consisting of 20013 pages and the longest picture of 20013 meters – a world record of knowledge  and charity which is to be suggested for inclusion in the Guinness Book – unification of humanity without war. This project presents the entire complete creative work and ideas of the COSMOPOLITAN-UNIFIER- the world renowned artist writer, film director, philosopher ad thinker, Maestro Academician Professor Prince PAPA JAN- THE MAN

MANIFEST – THE TREATMENT CHARTMANIFEST – THE TREATMENT CHARTI CALL THE PUBLIC BOOK OF THE ETERNITY “” THE PRINCE PAPA JAN GALLERYTHE BULGARIAN PRESIDENCY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION ON 1 JANUARY2018 YEAR. THE PRESIDENCY IS RELATED TO THE ROTATION PRINCIPLEEACH MEMBER STATE FOR A SIX MONTHS PERIOD 08 09 2017 BEGINNING, MEGA – THE LOVE WITHOUT WAR PROJECT – THE BIGGESTBOOK IN THE WORLD “THE BOOK OF ETERNITY” “” THE GOSPEL PRINCE PAPA JAN “- THIS IS OF 20013 PAGES. WORLD RECORD FOR THE NEW KNOWLEDGE ANDMERCY  TO BE PROPOSED FOR THE GINES BOOK – UNION OFHUMANITY BY ART WITHOUT WAR.In this project is presented the completed work and ideas of COSMOPOLITE – UNITER, the world famous painter and writer – poet, director, healer, philosopher and thinker Maestro Academician Professor Ivan Nikolov Georgiev Prince Papa Jan “KNYAZ” of Great Russia – NEW ELITE OF RUSSIA “- HUMAN – MAIN GLOBAL MAG OF BULGARIA. An analysis of this sinister year in which the Apocalyptic, silently began the Third World War and humanity divided into religious and social affiliations, the victims of the warriors, the miseries and the displacement of the peoples had gained d size where the world was divided into Islamist terrorists – sectarians and abiding warriors, poor and rich, good and bad.The idea of ​​this project is to unite humanity through love and art and NOT the WAR AND TERROR and to involve people on earth regardless of religious, party and political beliefs.The HUMAN CONSTITUTION in the project is the unification of mankind and NOT of  WAR, the dream of the Gods – Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and I – THE WORKER – “Bogomil” and God Blesed through the creation of “The book of Eternity” – THE “GALLERY PRINCE PAPA JAN”. The Idea of ​​Peace and Love, of World Without War, of Understanding among Humans, and of Delivering Positives! THE CONTINUATION OF THE CHILDREN’S ASSAMBLEY   NAMED “THE ENSIGN OF PEACE” Children’s Art Festival under the aegis of UNESCO – created by LUDMILA ZHIVKOVA – STUDENT OF INDIRA GANDI, DOTHER OF TODOR JIVKOV – PRESIDENT OF BULGARIA AT THIS TIME AND ELENA BLAVTSKAYA – ANNA BEZAND, where all differences are forgotten and united in one religion, race, and culture with the concept, we all are a single entity. An instant in which political, religious, and racial differences melt and die in the majesty of Peace and Love. “The Book of Eternity” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan is proof that the idea of ​​Universalism and Love is not dead, but shines over violence, over everything ugly and fake, over the hypocrisy and corruption of the world.I am not a man, but a door, reminiscent of a human body. The world is on one side, on the other – the spiritual beginning. 1. Motto: “Draw history and wisdom from the sources themselves” – PRINCE PAPA JAN 2. motto: “I Breathe, I am Existing” – SAINT AUGUSTIN3. Name: «Deus le Volt – (God wants it)» – PAPA YRBAN 2. Crusade of the sacred crusadesmarch.4. motto: “No question of class struggle is resolved in history other thanVIOLENCE »- LINEN5. motto: «Do not resist evil; and if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn it over to the other »- Jesus Christ

  1. motto: “Four noble truths; 1. Human life is initially NEEDED 2. The reason for this unhappiness are the human self-esteem and the Greed 3. The selfishness and the greed of every person can be put to an end – a state where all desires and aspirations are abolished is called Nirvana (literally – quenching) 4. A way to avoid Selfishness and Greed is the so-called “Eighth Way”: Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Speech, Correct Activity, Correctly livelihood, proper effort, proper care, and proper CONVENIENCE »- GATTAMA BUDA

  2. A motto: “One only omnipotent God who dominates the whole universe is ALLAH” – MOCHAMED Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit with Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jan at the International Scientific and Theological Conference ‘Prince Vladimir. 1000 years of communication in the Russian Cultural and Information Center. On 10 10 2015 Patriarch Neofit of Bulgaria received the “Book of Love” and Blessed Maestro Prince Papa’s new project for the world’s largest book 20013 Pages – ‘Book of Eternity’ “The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan”

THE WORKS will be read in Bulgarian, English, Russian and – probably – other languages ​​and include:

 – 146 books  “Book of Love” and trilogy “Prince Papa Jan World Gallery” the first multi-novel in the world ” LUNAR ORGASM”  – 113 books

– 133 poems and poems

– 713 haiku genomes

 – 333 messages

 – 13 philosophical theories and a new style in the world painting – “Energetic Lysism”

– 67 parables and tales.

– 150 reproductions of Prince Papa Jan’s masterpieces

– 300 photos with presidents and celebrities

– 300 pictures – “life in images”

– 313 opinions, analyzes of the artist’s overall creativity – The mystery of Prince Papa Jean – most created by the great thinker.

The cover will be made from original silver fittings.

THE TREASURE WILL BE CONTAINED ONLY FROM A BOOK THAT WILL BE GIVEN IN THE MUSEUM and thousands of discs-copies of the book for people will be created. A copy will also fly into space. This book is the 40-year-old Creative, Thought, Intellectual and Energy Work of Maestro Prince Papa Jean, and investing in it for several million. THE TREATMENT – BASED ONLY will be given to the Bulgarian Museum and will serve for DAY GROWTH

The Gods,  the creation and the humanity collected in one Divine wish and dream of all people for Peace, Love Art and beauty, NOT A WAR, NOT a SORROW, MISERY and  humiliation. THE MOTTO IS “LOVE is wining ALL”.



Discs with the largest book in the world with messages will be sent to all presidents, state-owned heads and chiefs of all sides and all responsible for the peace of the earth. One more personalized creativity, which will involve thousands of children with their messages and drawings for peace. Will be turned on and “The Millennium” of Maestro Prince Papa Jan signed by thousands of politicians, people of art and children. Playing white pigeons, balloons with attached pictures with messages of peace and love. The unification of mankind with good energy, signatures, thoughts and drawing – the basic idea of THE WORLD – “THE EQUALITY OF ART, POVERTY OF PLANET EARTH, LOVE AND UNION OF PEOPLE”

The project will also feature ART MULTIGEN IMPRESSION – “SEASONS, SPIRITS ANDTHE SONGS OF GENIUS “and the show” Maestro Prince Papa Jan “Burning the Head of the Devil” Papa JanThe names of all benefactors, sponsors, translators, designers, printers, publishers and media partners will be written in gold letters in the “CRAETION” and will receive a copy of the creation and the painting of Prince Papa Jen.Some of the funds raised will be donated to children in need of help.

I dreamed of writing THE BIGGEST BOOK OF THE WORLD, and here are my dear readers, fans and friends – “THE PUBLISHING PAPER” “GALLERY PRINCE PAPA JAN” – consisting of twenty thousand and thirteen tru pages – READ THEM PLEASE !!!

The painting called “Dreaming”  was completed  but I will never quite dreaming. Keep  coming  true and keep dreaming.                                                                                                                                             My dream to discover and posses the two most real, smart and beautiful women in the world – LORA MAHATMADEVI AND IRINA DELINA has come true.                                                                                                      I dedicated to my  FAVORITE WOMAN IRINA DELINA one hundred and fifteen books and many portraits and to another favorite woman  LORA MAHATMADEVE one hundred and thirteen portraits and hundreds of poems and poems, much of my work was created thanks to these two GREAT WOMEN IN MY LIFE. I THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART ABOUT THE SUPORT FOR  THIS LOVING WORK.                                                                                                                                                                              And, of course with big gratitute i dedicated to the Prime Minister of Bulgaria  Boyko Borisov the poetry collection “revelations -feedback part of the work”

Thank you to all the wonderful and ingenious specialists who have been participating for the past forty years in this great project. Thanks to dozens of COMPUTER DESIGNERS, TRANSLATORS, EDITORS, CORRECTORS, PRINTINGS, GALERISTS, COLLECTIONERS WHO WERE BUYING MY WORKS TO SUPORT THIS PROJECT AND TO ALL OTHERS.

PERSONALY  THANK TO: Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov, President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev. Bulgaria’s President Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Patriarch of Bulgaria Neofit, Chairman of the Committee on Culture in the National Assembly Vezhdi Rashidov, Minister of Culture Boil Banov, Minister Lilyana Pavlova, Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova. THANKS TO THE LARGE HEARTED FRIENDS – COLLECTIONERS, MILIARDERS, MILLIONERS AND FAMOUS PEOPLE: Sylvester Stallone, Krasimir Dachev, Vasil Bozhkov, Graf Todor Dimanov, John Dupon, Lili Ivanova, Lora Mahatmadevi, Irina Delina, Chief Prosecutor Ivan Tatarchev, Boss Ivo Karamanski, Galya Karamanska, Nelly Atanasova, Dr. Vladimirov, Professor Dr. Genov. composers Valeria Besedina, academician Marin Goleminov, Toncho Roussev, Valentin Stamov, Mihail Belchev, opera singers Tanya Spiridonova, Nikolay Lyubenov, Emil Popov – Delpopi, poets Lyubomir Levchev, Toni Ji, Evtim Evtimov, singers Lili Ivanova, Yordanka Hristova, Mylene Farmer, Lucos Masciano, Dejan Nedelchev, Diana Dafova, Kamila Todorova, Maica – Ra (Mihaela Stoykova), Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov, Philip Kirkorov, Petya Bouyuklieva, Georgi Hristov, Vasil Naydenov, Kamelia Todorova, Maica – Ra ), directors Nikita Mihalkov, Andrey Sla Stefanov Popov, Petar Toskov, Alek Yankovski, Vladimir Tikhonov, Mariya Kurkinski, Aurora Delina, Stefan Popov, Petar Toskov, Alek Yankovski, Alena Yankovski, Slavi Trifonov, Ivan and Andrei, Gala, Professor Vuckov, the painters Victor Bugai, Ilya Glazanov, Volodya Sizov, academician Svetlin Rusev, the sculptures academician Georgi Chekkunov, Vezhdi Rashidov, Georgi Danchev, Stavri Kalinov, the clairvoyant grandmas Vanga, Juna, Daniela Efre Ovi, the magicians Astor, Bobby show, Shehrizidade, Doctor Koichev, Professor Dr. Kanchev, Doctor Eneva, Dr. Petrov, Doctor Cheshmedzhiev, Doctor Timen Timev, Designers from Aries unique Svetla Dimitrova and Dimitar Krastev, computer designers Ivan Gurkov, Krassimir Krastev and Kostadin Kutryanov . Asen prints, the jewelers Nadya Hristova, Dnyo Pushkov and Irina Kozhuharova, the businessman Ognyan Apostolov, the ambassador Dr. Zdravko Popov, Boris Antonov, Ivanka Petkova, Dr. Georgi Penev, Krasimir Balakov, Hristo Stoichkov, Borislav Mihaylov, Prof. Grigoriy Vazov, Nina Engl, Antoaneta Varshanova, Zhoro Angelov. Elin Yotov, Rossen Chetalbashev, Boyko Ganev, Bozhidar Malinov, my secretary Katyushka Hristeva, my art director Alexander Kutryanov, my bodyguard Rumen Kovachev, my beloved teacher Ginka Zlateva, the actor Stoyan Atanasov, Professor Kolyu Kolev, Professor Petar Marinov, actor Stefan Popov, Kalin Kardanov, Stella Antonova, Hadji Sabin Rankov, Vergil Yordanov, Coco Borets, Peyo of Sprint, Bati Peci, Daniela Stefanova, the editor-in-chief Rumiana Lilova, journalists Patricia Kirilova, Valeria Veleva, Tosho Toshev, Rashkova Nadia Stambolova, Valeria Kaltcheva, the English translator Andrey Todorov and thousands of Bulgarian, American, Russian, Czech, German and international collectors. The Varna Company EMP Group, who  bought  at ones two hundered of my paintings  – the biggest purchase of paintings in the world at one time and everyone who bought more than fifteen thousand my paintings. Thanks to all of you, this great project – the work – took place.

I thank my family Mama Lydia, my father Nicholas – His eternal memory, my sister Annie, my wonderful wives Maria and Russian deputies Alla Krasnikova, my children Gergana and Lydia, my grandchildren Jean, Michael and Alexandra and all the loved ones who have endured , these creative endless years. Thank you ALL of YOU, the most chosen and the God-anointed artist Maestro Academician professor Ivan Nikolov Georgiev Prince Papa Janq,  I created this spectacular work for all of you!

And finally Thanks to the computer manufacturers.  The hundreds of computers from “PRAVETS” to “LENOVO” who  participated in the process, but withstood and did not lose information. But most of my last three laptops, which have been wrinkled several times over the last six months, such as the hot sea screens of 24 hours a day, but they have gone away !!!

I dedicate a book of eternity, the universal gallery Prince Papa Jen  to the Bulgarian Presidency  of the Council of the European Union from January 2018. The Presidency shall be rotated by each Member State for a period of six months.

The promotion of the largest book in the world consisting of 20013 pages “Book of Eternity” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan will be held  on May 24, 2018 at 19th in the Liberation Cinema Theater Maria Lujza Blvd -106

Directions : metro Marisa luzza or Central Station. The night of opening  will be attended by guest singers Polly Paskova, Peyo with group “Srint”, Bobby show and “Sheherezada illusion”, Aries Unikat, Svetla Dimitrova with her collection and a fashion show. With the special participation of the cosmopolitan MAICA – RA (Mihaella Stoikova), transmitting divine harmony to the power of contemporary alternative spiritual music, mystical soundtrack (sound energy of singing) with healing resonance of crystalline singing bowls , ethno folk vocal improvisations and messages  enriched with  “ancient coded language of the vowels “. Songs in which the traditional Bulgarian folklore intertwines with an ancient Orpheus sound. At the party will be presented, the famous and unique cocktail “Blue Frog”, by Count Todor Dimanov

The project received the blessing from the Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit and many spiritual leaders from India, China, Tibet, America and Russia.

END of my spiritual orgasm and ecstasy in this work! I thank the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius for having created this great alphabet and script for us!

Materialization of the imagination and life of the artist as an artistic reality. AMIN!!!

The Universal Gallery is Universal Love.

Universal love is a universal body.

Love him as a soul to be the Spirit.




All texts and theories of genius, and above all the NEWLY DISCOVERED  theory of 1995  about the LOGICAL CHAIN – THE IMPLICATION OF OF THE DISCOVERED ENERGETIC LYSISM – A NEW STYLE OF PAINTING AND PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE  are the invention of the world renowned artist and author  Academician Professor Prince Papa Jan and have been published in the book “The Papa Jan Gellery” – book 1 – “A Shop for Airy Towers”  as well as books one and two of “The Lunar Orgasm” which have been published in Bulgaria  and protected by copyright.




Energetic Lysism – a Dissolvent – Decomposer – Distinguisher – Analyser – Differentiator – Converter – Transformer – Transfigurer of everything  into everything (omnia in omnibus). Lysism is from the Greek lysis, i.e. “dissolution”

The aim of the logical chain of Energetic Lysism is to show it simultaneously as a universal dissolvent (decomposer) and a universal transformer of everything into everything. Being a universal transformer, it is also a universal synthesizer (equivalenter-equalizer of everything).

It is universal analysis, but it is universal synthesis, too.

Energetic Lysism is like the universal decomposer – universal analyser – universal distinguisher of everything from everything: it distinguishes everything from everything, as well as the thing from the thing itself. Energetic Lysism is a constant universal need of every thing to be different from itself, but being the thing different from itself means, by definition, including the other one. And it will be able to include (contain) in itself the other one only if its nature implies its ability to convert everything into everything, therefore Energetic Lysism can be a universal differentiator – distinguisher only if it is a universal  transformer – converter of  everything   into  everything.

Materius Rosenkroyzer (Timen Timev), being a writer and researcher, has already tried to prove the connection between Energetic Lysism and Contextualism (his modern theory of literature and text in general). Its publication in Western literary and scholarly circles is forthcoming and it is on the way of becoming the basis of future literary discussions on language, text and the cogito (thinking).

In my art of drawing – that of Prince Papa Jan, Energetic Lysism is a philosophical concept embodied compositionally in the specific technique of crating paintings: turning a point into a line, a line into a surface, a surface into volume, volume into multidimensional space (the multidimensional non-Euclidean geometry). Multidimensional space by definition, when gathered into a dimensionless point, is the construction of abstractionism. Gathering all genera of concreteness into a dimension-less point, we get abstractionism. Decomposing any abstract   image, we get  all genera of concreteness.

Therefore, Energetic Lysism presents the genealogy of abstractionism as a universal receptacle of all possible, present and future, drawing styles and techniques. That is why Energetic Lysism can only be shown in the All-World gallery, and vice versa, only Energetic Lysism can build the All-World gallery: since it would not be

the style of all styles

if, by means of its universal dissolubility method, it did not destroy every thing in itself in the thing’s own structure so that, through that destruction-deconstruction of the thing, it might show the thing’s relationship to any other thing. That is, Energetic Lysism proves that every destruction is new construction. We ourselves have been amazed to realize that Energetic Lysism pointed at the universal relationship of a life: of pictures and of books, and of the Papa Jean All-World gallery – Jeanoism as a universal world-view. In my attempt to live, I, Papa Jean, turned my life into a book. In my attempt to read it, I painted it. In my attempt to view it as a picture, I withdrew far enough for it to appear as a thought.

Jeanoism – Energetic Lysism, and when you go out of the World-Called-itself, then you turn back and see everything gathered into an All-World gallery where the world painted by me is closed, but only out of it I and present as a spirit and unthinkability. That is why he who has succeeded in painting everything and building up an All-World gallery is doomed to remain outside unpainted. Like God, who creates the world has to stay out of it. Here  is  the  eternal  refrain  of  all  philosophic  religions:

God was  Nature,

God was Soul,

God was  Language,

He is inestimable,

God is the unthought thinking one.

The  unspoken  speaking   one,

The  unfelt   feeling   one.

The spiritual life of being,

And   the  material  life  of  having.

If you want an argument, here it is: “Could he who created the apple tree appear himself as a tree in the Universe?”

Certainly not.

Vainly does Wittgenstein relate and summarise all transcendental   philosophies:

“The meaning of the world has to stay outside the world.” Since he who has created the tree, in case he appears as a tree himself, will in his turn need a Creator and a Maker, and in order to break the endless Creator-Creation logical circle, we have to mould an impassable abyss between the two. “The Creator is forbidden to    appear as a creation.”

We could judge of the Creator by the Creation but in it we do not see the Creator himself.

For a gallery to be an all-world one, not only should all facts in  it appear as  pictures,  but each  picture  should  contain all  other pictures as its elements: a similar mental event occured to Leibniz and brought about the creation of monadology – the only hypothesis of the past which did not need a new genius (as Newton needed Einstein) to start modern natural science in the world of all possible worlds in quantum mechanics to the semantics of all possible semantics in modern logic and linguistics, in the general code of knowledge where sciences and arts gather as an algorithmic step towards the creation of any future metaphysical theory defined by Materius Rosenkreuzer as OMNISEMANTICISM; that Omnisemanticism was interpreted by me, Papa Jean, in my activity as an artist and writer, as a form of another activity distributing the same enchantment  –  Energetic  Lysism.

Over the years, I gradually realized that Energetic Lysism as dissolution of everything into everything is possible only if an orderly science and logic have proved the intertransparency and relationship between things: in other words, everything would not be connected into everything (the omnisemantic modification of Leibniz introduced by Materius Rosenkreuzer) had they not been previously interdissoluble, which is demonstrated by the new technique of  Energetic  Lysism created by me.

Thus, all the old alchemy notions not been proved then by the modern transpontation of particles which has made evident the deduction of an element from any other one? Just as gold can be obtained from any chemical element nowdays, all other categories can be deduced from any notion, and in any drawn image all the rest can be read: my chief motive and inspiration of representing the world as an All-World gallery – what Borges imagined years ago as the All-World Cosmic Library where any book could give information of all the others. As a spontaneous artist, I, Jean, through combining meditation and erudition, started constructing my pictures so that even if all my pictures burnt up, it would be possible for them to be restored out of one picture only. The greatness of this method of intertransparency and interpenetration of facts one for another has its confirmation in the presence in different epochs of the same logic of interdissolubility aiming at the compensation of the shortcomings of secular monosemantic formal logic recommended, and comically prided on, by each century. Those who lack erudition could be reminded of Leibniz’s basic concept of ‘the world of all possible worlds’. The so-called ‘real world’ is to Leibniz just one of the possible worlds that can be built out of the initial monads, and the real world is actually ‘the Sum of all possible worlds’ that can be constructed out of the combination between the monads, hence, it is not our macroscopic world, just one of the possible worlds, that is the real one; what is real is the continuum of all possible worlds achieved through the combination of all possible   semantics.

Example:   thus   the   idea of   a  picture  can   be  depicted   in  a variety   of   ways,   and   those  various   ways   of   painting   a   picture, Eidos, have been ascribed to various geniuses by the naive centuries.

Those sceptical genius had no idea that what they called their own art was their different interpretation of the same subject; the Great different self-interpretative quality of the picture to depict itself, thus deceiving mankind that it is created by various genii. Just as a picture carries in itself all other pictures, so is the language a continuum of texts where each text carries in itself all other texts about it. But only the Sole Divine and Divinely Inspired carries everything in itself.

The All-World gallery is the modern depiction of Leibniz’s monadology: just as in one monad all the rest are depicted, so are all other things reflected as unpainted in one picture of the All-World gallery  since  they can  only  be reflected  as unpainted  ones.

A monad is the spiritual atom interacting wilh all other atoms in the Universe not via a causal connection but from a distance, ‘per distantionem’, like a telepathic interaction: “The stochastic method of nonlocalily which has served as a basis of all quantum mechanics and the modern view of the structure of the Universe, as nonparticularism (the modern view of the Universe as a nonspacial  extratemporal  energetic  being).

Since the difference between things as facts and things as images (‘Imago’) is that things as facts require physical interaction, while things as images are based on the stochastic quantum-mechanical link, in ancient times always referred to as ‘telepathy’. With aesthetic irony, we might say that a fact is guaranteed to acquire a quantum-mechanical telepathic status by its appearance in the mind as aesthetic energetics which is the light carrying the energy of   the Universe and creates eternal Life.

Energetic Lysism

as a style of all styles

reproduces the light carrying the energy of the Universe. The light spectrum decomposition decomposes energy in colours. Each colour contains the purity of the essential brick of the Universe (the All-World’ gallery}, the light spectrum decomposition is the natural analysis of world energy. Analysing itself, world energy originates colours as a presentation. Colours are the modes of existence of the natural self-analysis of the Universe. If Energetic Lysism is to bear the name of a style or a drawing technique, it will be the Artist’s Human Subjective Repetition of the World Objective Self-Analysis of  the  Universe  through  which   It  Depicts  Itself  as  Colours and a Life-Creating Principle.

Energetic Lysism as a style of the universal Energetic All-Dissolubility of colours and shapes in one another discovered by me, Papa Jan and realized through my pictures that, receiving the Energy of his extrasensory activity, keep transmitting it as Art-Therapy-communication with positive remedial and aesthetic effects.

This is my Manifesto to humanity for the purpose of humanity’s perfection in the way, image and model of the Creator


All things originate out of the circular method of painting which can be formulated according to the following logicality:

You have forgotten the phoenix of the ancient Egyptians, the snake biting its own tail, or – with the Mayas – the creation and destruction of the world by the god Shiva in the ancient Hindu mythology… That is the cyclical order of the circular motion!

I move my brush clockwise in order to capture time.

The traditional idea of time has been linked to its irreversible nature. And irreversibility of time had produced a sensation and an emotion of the fateful and not running backward of what one has lived through. The linear notion of time breaks the link between past and future , the linear logic confronts us with the cataclysms

The natural condition of symmetry is the nothing. The natural condition of asymmetry of being. This requires a complex chain of philosophical theses and antitheses.

I will continue by saying that time’s circular nature has invented the cyclical technique of which we can get an idea through the movement of the hand of the clock When I paint, I use this method.  The old and even avant-garde painters the movement of the brush is linear. They are captives of the linear logic and of the irreversibility…”

This technique serves me not only to paint but also to live in a novel manner.

Painting with the help of the circular technique, you go back in time… This is one thing. The other is that you can also travel into the future and avoid the present dangers. You can experience them simply as a memory from the past…

The circular technique allows you to be free from the  captivity of time. It is that giddy circuit which turns nothing into something…  Can you imagine the nothing?

The circular motion and the constant pumping out and fusion  of past and future  introduces absolute symmetry; it makes nonsense of time and annuls it…

But I am speaking of the merging of the painting and the painted object. Merging!  It produces master-pieces The circular technique of painting forbids art as an activity, different from life.  It is your merger of Art and Life. It is the aesthetic way of life…

Art has vanished as such and has become logic, which build reality…

With Energy Lizism I have proven that I am on the threshold of the circular technique. And to paint circularly means to paint universally .

Yes, I have indeed received the revelation about the Universal Gallery precisely because I wanted on a single canvas to paint everything… This is possible only through circularity…  Cyclical necessity can take you anywhere. Omnia in omnibus…. The German writer of fantasy Wolfgang Jeske suggests that returning to the past should be done via a gravitational mechanism. The renowned mathematician Kurt Goedel sees in the general theory of relativity a gravitational mechanism through which is done a return into the past…. His project has remained merely in an ideal form and has not yet found a physical interpretation… But I have seen the passage of time  via my great-great-great-grandson, the monitor of the future Dave Reese.

The pictures, painted with the help of the circular technique are eternal via their simultaneity achieved through the leveling of past and future.

And is not the sign of infinity composed of two circles, linked to one another? Infinity is the number 8 lying horizontally…

Energy lizism is nearly the entrance to the technique of circular painting. Nearly!

The energy of its logic can cast Time in two moulds – one is linear, the other circular. Classical physics is unable to account for it. Physician grasp only time’s linear nature. Only meditation, mysticism and art, painting and music, above all, possess receptors for the circular time. With it, they can also do circular logic.

The traditional notion of time is always linked to irreversibility. And irreversibility carries with it the feeling and perception of the irrevocability of experience, of its subjection to destiny.

Precisely the linear nature of time is to blame for the difference between future and past. The linear logic determines that difference.

The task of the circular logic is the render meaningless the illusion of the Linear logic of the possibility of being and time to exist. Because being and time are produced only by the Linear logic. Only asymmetry allows for being and time whereas Symmetry bans and annuls time through equalization of the potentials and so it bans the Being stemming from it. Because the natural state of symmetry is the Nothing. The natural state of asymmetry is Being. Insofar as the flow of Asymmetry is time and the crystallizing  and stopped flow of Asymmetry is Being.

Symmetry and the circular logic is that which makes Being null and void because  it makes each and every attempt  at asymmetry, hence of being and time, unreal and unserious. The very circular nature of time has invented the cyclical technique of which you can get an idea from the motion of hand of the clock.

But if time is circular, it becomes reversible. And all the horror of destiny is annulled – it vanishes…

The new technique serves not only for painting but also to enable you to live according to the laws of circular logic. Because once you start painting in circular technique, you already return back to the moments and travel back in time. The circular time, through the circular technique of painting makes it possible for you to avoid the dangers of the Future by experiencing them beforehand as past events.

The sublimity of the circular time is that in it are equally remembered – strongly and simultaneously – both future and past And this simultaneous remembering of past and future restores the absolute symmetry and renders meaning and annuls time.

The linear technique holds the picture and the painter outside reality and between the fruit and the still life there is a distance – they are two distinct events. And it is this distance which for centuries on end generated the study of art and its interpretations, loftily called aesthetics. Whereas the circular logic leaves no distance between the fruit and the still life and no difference between the   picture and painted object which both merge  and produce a single  event. The circular technique of painting bans art as an activity distinct from life and permits only the aesthetic way of life.

We no longer need to live at one moment and paint at another because reaching out for the brush and canvas, we are living already. Art has vanished as art, only to turn into logic, building reality. But if the contemplation of a fruit is at the same time a creation of it then in this case  the activity of the painter is identical  with ate activity of God. The path to circular logic has been traversed by the Energy Lizism. Once you reach each from each (omnia in omnibus) that is nothing else but circularity itself.

Whereas Linear logic bans the reaching of each from each by permitting only from some events other to be reached. The principle of non-contradiction – a typical instance of linearity in logic – bans the link between all and each and reflect irrevocable realities. On the contrary, the Principle of contradiction is non-linear and circular. It permits the link between each and each, all and all.

“And the Universal Gallery which I expand within myself do I paint universally when I paint circularly?

“I do not paint universally only when I paint linearly I experienced the revelation of the Universal Gallery precisely because I wished on a single canvas to paint everything…”

And you can paint through any one thing everything else is only possible if you move circularly.

Move in a circle, think in a circle, paint in a circle, and the power of cyclical necessity will take you everywhere you had desired to be. The circular technique proves that: The one spot is the spot of all others, the necessity of one object is the freedom of all others. If through the circular logic, being at one spot

you are everywhere, then through the circular technique you are in the Universal Gallery, because  both circularity and universality achieve one thing only (omnia in omnibus), i.e. everything within everything “

The pictures painted according to the Linear method and imitating linear time are doomed to passing away and doom, because they are temporary. Unlike them, the pictures painted according to the Circular technique which repeats the circular time are eternal via their simultaneousness achieved through the equating of past and future. Because the circular time, turning the past into a future and the future into past, negates temporality and transforms time into eternity. Then the pictures, which follow the flow of circular time, which rotate in the simultaneous circle, cannot exit that circle and tear up the equivalentness of the moments in order to enter the linear order of moments called time. In this way the escape transitoriness.

“In that case, is it enough that I the painter should take one picture, painted in a linear method and re-paint it according to circular technique in order to impart simultaneity to it and enable it to enter eternity?

“Yes!” was my definite answer.

“But the pictures however they are painted, don’t they, after some 10 thousand years will decompose… So they have all been marked by transitoriness?!”

“Remember my reply and if possible communicate it to painters:  Within its brevity, the product of a true artist, embodies the code of creativity… The pictures, painted linearly fail to reach the Idea of the painting but only remain in the human adoration of that work. Only the pictures painted circularly manage to overcome that adoration and attain the Idea of the painting, which alone can impart eternity to them…”

“This seems Platonism to me?!”

“According to it, the world is painted twice. Once by God, painted through ideas and therefore ideal and second time painted by man through the things which are copies of the ideas   and hence, it is not painted but copied…”

“The circularly painted pictures are not ordinary painting: they are not pictures of  the things (as  are the linear paintings) nor are they pictures of the ideas (because ‘pictures of the ideas’ we ought to call the theories) ; they rather grasp the ideas of the pictures which enables them to carry the Eternity of things. Because we have also temporary beauty and eternal beauty. Temporary beauty is humanly possible while eternal beauty is beauty in itself. No matter whether it exists or has been achieved by people, angels, gods, demons or dogs….

The ideas of my pictures and the idea of the Universal Gallery, as well as the fundamental motto of mine “To beauty with love” are more important than everything I have so far created to attain Eternity…”

I started painting brain-omnijanoistic pictures which all-thoughtful, all-emotive, all-encompassing, of multiple images and colors. They are painted by brain plasma with the participation of 100 billion cells, chemical elements and energies linked to the energetics of 100 billion stars from all over the Universe and they re-create combined subjects from the history of Creation. They cannot be measured  quantitatively for participation in the Guiness Book of Records because they have been created by the combination of 100 billion multiplied by 100 billion subjects. As each cell in the brain bears all the information of the Universe and multiplied by all other cells we get “N” number  from minus to plus infinity pictures. These pictures are the product of the circular technique of painting, Energy Lizism and Universalism which become Brain Omnijanoism. Currently, I am working on the creation of a brain printer, which besides telepathetically, can also through the eyes, like a monitor, to print brain pictures in space.  In the near future the possibility will be ruled out of painting with clumsy hands and their functions will be devoted only to caresses. Millions of picture, formed within the brain plasma, are dissolved on a quantum microscopic level about 10 at minus 34 degree and as such they become identical with the rest of matter. The idea of brain omnijanoistic pictures is for them to be deployed telepathetically directly into the brains of millions of people like video-film  or an image of the future

From the world-famous artist and writer

Academician Professor Prince Papa Jan




“Book of Eternity – Prince George Papa’s Universal Gallery” is a mega-project and the largest for now a book in the world of 20013 pages of the world famous avant-garde Bulgarian artist and writer Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jan – Prince of Great Russia. The project is a hobby with the idea of Peace and Love, for World Without War, for Understanding among People and Having Positives! One the continuation of the ‘Flag of Peace’ Assembly, where all differences are forgotten and united in one religions, races and cultures with the concept, let’s all be a single entity.

An instant in which political, religious, and racial differences melt and fall before the majesty of the Peace and Love. “The Book of Eternity – The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jean” is proof that the idea of Universalism and Love is not dead, but shines over violence, over everything ugly and fake, over hypocrisy and the corruption of the world.

“The Book of Eternity” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan has 20013 pages, the largest book in the world! This is not accidental! At Prince Papa Jean, nothing is ever accidental! “The Book of Eternity “” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jean “was born in its design when 2013 one a truly unusual girl, speaks to Prince Papa Jan after 17 years of silence to it gives the creator the purest energy – the energy of Love! 1996, Prince Papa Jean Meeting the most incredible girl in the world – Lora Yordakieva (bearing the Spiritual Title Mahatmadevi) – Philosopher, Writer, Yoga, Spiritual Teacher who has given a blessing to the world. 1996 there was a ‘clash’ between Virgin and Pope Jean!

And the most holy person (Mahatmades) disappears; hide; it does not show more about Pope Jean! …Dark period. Pain. And it seems like forgetting to follow … Prince Papa Jean is captivated by the purity of the Primary Priest Lora, Loradevi, Mahatmadevi and does not cease to look for her … She finds her traces after 17 years and connects with her. And the Voila! … The year is 2013 – the year of the Great Prophecies of Pope John, when there will be a great change to Good in the world! … 2013 the girl that Prince Papa Jean recognizes as his warmest muse and his greatest and holy love … suddenly speaks to the creator!

He wrote an important message to Pope Jean, in which he directed him Love, to Peace. The world has become a heinous place: violence, wars, misery, hunger, pain, torment, misery, corruption…

The letter that the Virgin writes to the creator unlocks in Papa Jane actions thatthe avant-garde painter and the poet go in the direction of Universalism and Love. It’s going onreverses- Prince Papa Jan creative work is on the ascendant line. The Creator creates “The Book ofLove “in honor of the most special woman for him, pushing him to Love. He dedicates his workof Lora! He draws portraits of dear Lora Yordakieva; (he has painted paintings with her before). Creates morebooks in her honor: “Love in the Silence”, “The Wanderer – Prince, Love with the Unique” and more …

He writes books, poems, creates wonderful sails in honor of the special woman – an inspirational, model-jealousy and spiritual leader. It is unlocked to create Papa Jean without stopping! The creator wakes up as if he were for a new life. It has a twist! … Life rises again for the Prince when with his energy, beside him Our Lady of Love. She does not give a physical connection to herself but sends messages that are clear they hear and sound in Light. It is from the pure vibration of the Virgin that the “Book of Eternity” “The Universal Gallery of Prince Papa Jean” and sounds the project “Love Without War”.

Mahatmadevi brings a tremendous upsurge of the artist Prince Papa Jean. The poet artist ascends unheard of heights and is lit todayon the top, for as it is known: to the great man, there is a really great woman who gives him wings!

“The Book of Eternity” “The Princess Jean-Louis Universal Gallery” is a major project of Prince Papa Jean, which only fictitious originates in 2017, but in fact, the key year of the project (as concept is 2013, then when Prince Papa Jan has made predictions about it; therefore, 20013 pages in the book “The Book of Eternity” “The Princess Gallery of the Universal Gallery” do not appear accidental and is the world’s largest book for now, a worthy Guinness record. At the artist Papa Jan, there are never any random things!

Now, the Book of Eternity The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jean proves the words of Babaji – Mahatmadevi’s direct direct Master of Teacher and Teacher of All Teachers – God HimselfShiva): “There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future!” – all can go in the directionMoral, Love, Goodness, Peace and Light Becoming!Devi, Loradevi, Mahatmadevi – stands next to the artist and says, “Let only Love be radiant! Let it be justLove and Peace! Shine Compassion! Let the Mora! Let there be only beauty! “- Devi comes toAnointed and blesses him. She suffers pain, but she gives birth to Light! He speaks the exact words … and the magicit’s going! Genius has a future! Creates a pure, moral, and even a battle against sinfulness; leavesafter him Art. And here we are equal to the idea of ​​Lyudmila Zhivkova for the Banner of Peace Assembly! …In the past, evil forces destroyed Lyudmila Zhivkova to bury the white swallow of the idea ofLove, Peace, Compassion, Art without War and Beauty. Today, the artist Prince Papa Jan shows the world,that Lyudmila Zhivkova’s body may have been destroyed, but the idea is forever alive! The mega-project “The Book ofEternity “” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jan “shows that ideas do not die!

“The Book of Eternity “” The Universal Gallery Prince Papa Jean “is a concept for Freedom; for a world in unity; for life in Understanding; for existence buried all kinds of differences of religions, races and cultures; for life without war; for Eternal Friendship; for the eve of Love and Peace; and for the shine of all the holy! A huge rise in Prince Papa Jean’s art! Huge step for all mankind!

Author of the material: Lazar Asparuhov – public relations, reviewer, appraiser, literary andartistic critic; direct pupil of Mahatmadevi – Lora YordakievaTOP PRESENTATIONLora Yordakieva was born on 3.10.1975 in Bulgaria in the town of Vratsa. He currently lives in America,Boston, Mass., Massachusetts. Lora graduated with university degree “St. Kliment Ohridski “in Bulgaria,Sofia and since 1999 has graduated Master of Philosophy. Before that, in 1994, Lora has graduatedhis special secondary education in a specialized elite class at the School of Design and Designtextile “, Vratsa; her specialty is a Textile Desiccator. In 2011 under the “SocialTherapy Center “, implemented by NPS” Oppor.BG “, Southwestern University” Neofit Rilski “, Lora earnstraining SDC, specialty Social Counseling, qualification Social Therapist; and training onNeurotherapy at the Bulgarian Association of Biofeedback, qualification Neurotherapy. 

Lora Yordakieva is Philosopher, Writer, Social Therapist, Yoga and Martial Arts Teacher, Relax Therapist, Neurotherapeut, Psychotherapist, Healing pedagogue, Alternative rehabilitator, Desenator, Art model, Social activist and cultural public. She is famous with the pseudonym Mahatmadevi. Her other writer’s nickname, which she had used in her earlier years, when she published her your first Books, this is Mahatma Kumari Devaraja. Lora uses these pseudonyms as she writes Books mostly on Eastern philosophy.

Lora Yordakieva is a Writer-Philosopher, Expressed Author of Books, References, Lectures, Reports and ArticlesClassical philosophy (inclined towards Eastern philosophy), Literature, Yoga, Buddhism,Zen, Dao, Tantra, Kama, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Sanatana Dharma; Author of Books forSelf-perfection, the power of the Spirit, self-realization, and collections of Lifethemes and Collections of Art and Natural Therapies.

Lora Yordakieva is a Beletist (Prosec-essayist), Publicist, Publisher, Journalist, Rethrick, Dialogue, Ontologist, Theoretician and Applied Practitioner with many famous Literary-philosophical, Socio- Psychological and Educational-Therapeutic Works. Basic Styles and Genres of Writing Lora are: Fiction – World Prose (mostly Essay), Magical Realism, Modernist analytical journalism, Classical Journalism – (sometimes written Monographs).

Lora Yordakieva works autonomously, as well as on Projects and Independent Societies at the NCH

“Oppor.BG”, Alternative Center for Personal Development “Kamala”, NGO “Jar and Light”, NGO

Jarava and Social Therapy Center as a Consultant on Relaxation Therapies and Therapies after

Crisis Situations, Consultant in Psycho-Diagnostics, Social Therapist, Healing Pedagogue,

Program consultant and compiler of the program ‘Relax and Art Therapy’ works on author’s programs

‘Anti-stress’; conducts consulting and training activities – (individual and group) to the Organizations mentioned above and independently (outside Associations), and also, Lora is a Lecturer (on the topics of its competence). Lora works as a Neurotherapeutic – (Biophidbek Therapist) as Relax Therapist – (Therapist – Therapist in Yoga Therapy, Aromatherapy, Mineral Therapy, Color Therapy,Herbal Medicine, Metabolism, Feng Shui Therapy, Zen Therapy, Kempo, Ayurveda, Kama, Tantra and Ecotherapy), as a Psychotherapist – (Art Therapist – / Therapist in Isotherapy – Art Therapy, Dance therapy, Music therapy, Librarianship, Photo art therapy, Video art therapy,Labor therapy), as an Alternative Rehabilitator and Ergototherapeut.

(individual and group) to the Organizations mentioned above and independently (outside Associations), and also, Lora is a Lecturer (on the topics of its competence). Lora works as a Neurotherapeutic – (Biophidbek Therapist) as Relax Therapist – (Therapist – Therapist in Yoga Therapy, Aromatherapy, Mineral Therapy, Color Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Metabolism, Feng Shui Therapy, Zen Therapy, Kempo, Ayurveda, Kama, Tantra and Ecotherapy), as a Psychotherapist – (Art Therapist – / Therapist in Isotherapy – Art Therapy, Dance therapy, Music therapy, Librarianship, Photo art therapy, Video art therapy, Labor therapy), as an Alternative Rehabilitator and Ergototherapeut.

These are part of the spheres in which Lora Yordakieva acts as a Trainer, Speaker, Therapist, Consultant, and in which there is an applied- practical lessons. Lora Jordakieva is a consultant for training activities for self – improvement andSelf-realization; Consultant on Relaxation Therapy after Crisis Intervention, Sexualdisturbances  and violence, psychological abnormalities and stress situations; He is also a Consultant and a Facilitator atprograms for children and adults; performs consultancy in the preparation of profiles: personal, professional and creative development; Lora is a Leader on Motivation and Adaptation Advisor – supporting adaptive models;

Advisor is on Literary-philosophical questions about Creative and Creative creative development of children and adults; is actively involved in the work of NGOs on important Social programs; works voluntarily (charity) outside Associations. Lora Yordakieva is rich live and professional experience of participating in Trainings, Seminars, Webinars and Courses, Conferences, Discussions, Lectures, Lectures and Scientific Forums.

Lora – (Mahatmadevi) has competencies and practical martial arts skills in different schools and styles; competencies and practical skills in Yoga, Kama, Ayurveda, Tantra, Feng Shui and Zen – (currently 2018, Lora has over 35-year-oldYoga Practice, Martial Arts and Alternative Therapies; she started studying at a very early age childhood). Lora is engaged in Traditional and Nontraditional Massages;
also with Philosophy, Psychology, Social activities, Psychoanalysis, Sexology; with Fine Arts and Fine Arts – (Design, Desenature, Dance, Literature – / Krasnorechie), Applied Art, Decorative art, Music); with Theology, Esoteric, Ethics, Aesthetics, Moral, Legal, Law, and Interpersonal relationships; Lora is a philosopher with published editions – Books, Collections, Guides, Methods, Manuals, Articles. Lora is also a Social Therapist, Healing Pedagogue and Alternative rehabilitator with application-practical activity. The unique thing about Lora is that much of the writing
materials in its Books on Philosophy, Literature, and especially on Psycho and Natural Therapy are practically developed and implemented in applied classes in Social Therapy and Healing Pedagogy.Lora Yordakieva also deals with Art photomodeling – Lora is an art model – avant-garde erotic and portrait model, alternative model (of artistic value photography);Lora is Model and in Fine Art – poses for drawing paintings and making sculptures. At present, Lora Yordakieva develops her business in the United States, continuing with Bulgaria and unfolding in Bulgaria mega-scale for benefit to people and their own satisfaction.
Lora Yordakieva – (Mahatmadevi) is Author of:  1). “Mahatma Sutra. The Book of the Great Spirit “(1st edition 1998), ed. Extreme – Sofia 2).”Sidhana. Yoga Every Day “- (1st edition 1998), ed. Extreme – Sofia 3). “Mahasamadhi. Book of the Great Liberation “(2000 edition), ed. “Kamala” – town of Vratsa 4). “Mahatma Sutra. The Book of the Great Spirit “- (2nd edition 2004), ed. “Kamala” – town of Vratsa

5). “Mahatma sutra. The book of the Supreme Spirit “(edition 2005), ed. “Kamala” – town of Vratsa
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10). “In the eyes of Morala” – (edition 2010), ed. Lora Yordakieva – town of Vratsa 11). Articles and Interviews in “Competitor” newspaper and Personal Classification by Lora Yordakieva – “Hot Issues “- (issued 2006 – 2007), ed. Competitor newspaper – Vratsa  12). Publications – (Articles, Aphorisms, Interviews) in the World of Harmony magazine – (published in 2006) 13). Articles in the Doctor newspaper of Lora Yordakieva – (published 2003 – 2004), ed. Doctor newspaper – Sofia 14). “Psychology to the Challenges of Modern Times” – Collection of published material by Lora Yordakieva – “Sanatana Dharma – the Wisdom of Self-realization” – (2005 edition), ed. “Psydo” – Varna, with the assistance of Psychology Journal – Varna
15). “Handbook of Applied Materials on Social Therapy” – Handbook with published material byLora Yordakieva – “Relax Therapy” – (2012 Edition), ed. “Media Group” – Ivo Yordanov –Vratsa16). “New opportunities for social inclusion. Methodology for the implementation of innovative socialtherapeutic approaches for social services in the community “- The methodology is co-authored by Galina Ganeva,Ralitsa Tsekova and Elka Goranova; (Edition 2012), ed. “Media Group” – Ivo Yordanov – Vratsa17). “Sprinkles from the Jnana Spring – aphorisms, endorsements, thoughts, maxims and philosophical phrases ofMahatmadevi “(Edition 2012), ed. Lora Yordakieva – town of Vratsa18). “Right Now” – (edition 2014), ed. “Artcommerce – Victor” – Sofia19). There are also Books of the same Author and Publications from her, which will not be listed here. New releases are also being prepared. More information can be found on Lora’s personal website: www.mahatmadevi.comA brief presentation of two faithful followersof Lora Yordakieva – (Mahatmadevi) andBook review by Prince Papa JeanKalin Kardamov was born on 1.10.1975 in Bulgaria, town of Vratsa. In the current period is located inIndia. Often it goes around Nepal and Tibet. He lived in America. He studied in Austria. Works on scienceprograms and projects in Physics, Astro-Physics, Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics, Mathematics andBiochemistry. He focuses on directing (mostly science fiction) and photography. Kalin is activeprofessional model abroad – develops advertisingIts amplitude is computeractivities, including journalism – writing articles and books. He is a reviewer and a literary critic.His very popular edition is “Impression. Diary of Cal @ “in two volumes – 2005 and 2008 KalinKardamov is one of the most affiliated and advanced students of Lora Yordakieva – (Mahatmadevi),mainly teaching Yoga, Kama, Tantra, Martial Arts, Psychology, Psychotherapy,Philosophy, Literature and Multiple Alternative Therapies.For several years, Kalin is inthe boundaries of India, sent there by his Master Mahatmadevi. At times, Kalin is in the Himalayascaves and ashrams with some of the greatest Spiritual Lights for meditative yogic practices.Kalin’s other work in the Eastern countries is about helping people in distress;
the activity was organized after the great earthquake in Nepal and the crisis in Japan – the NPP accident Fukushima. Kalin is the author of reviews of two books by Prince Papa Jean, “The Book of Love,” and “Love in the silence”.

Lazar Asparuhov was born on 30.11.1975 in Bulgaria, Plovdiv. In the current period is located in India. Often it goes around Nepal and Tibet. He lived in Italy. Lazar is Reviewer, Literary and Artistic critic, English Literature Specialist, Stylitic Grammar and Philology. Committed to PiP and Public Relations.

Lazar is an active professional model abroad – he develops advertising. Lazar Asparuhov (equal to Kalin Kardamov) is one of the most affiliated and advanced students of Lora Yordakieva – (Mahatmadevi), who mainly teaches Yoga, Kama, Tantra, Martial Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature and Multiple Alternative Therapies. Currently, Lazar is accompanying Kalin Kardamov and has aligned with him.
It is also sent to the East by his Teacher Mahatmadevi – Lora Yordakieva. Lazar Asparuhov and Kalin Kardamov are also introduced as students of the Shahmat Tournament; have been in contact for years good friends. Lazar was led as a student and follower of Lora Yordakieva by Kalin Kardamov. in the current period, these two graduates of Mahatmadevi (Lazar and Kalin) are called upon East with responsible activity. Lazar is the author of a review of Prince Papa’s book “The Book of Eternity – The Prince of St. John the Universal Gallery “.

MULTIROMAN  A MULTINOVEL What is a multimanager? The name above is not eloquent enough. Many works in one, new direction in literature and thinking. Everything for yourself, unfinished and with many question marks.
Everything, without any, inadequate and devoid of integrity. Everything that leads to everyone and needs it.What is the rule of the multiman? The multimer has no rule, but is the rule for success coalition of many genres almost all known to date and all literary forms in one and more something. Each multimer uses his own whims and ways to reach his goal.
This is it composed of memories, messages and real life autobiography of the world famous artist poet / haiku / writer MAESTRO ACADEMIC PROFESOR PRINCESS PAPA JAN, poems, verses, novels, contemporary thrillers, fantasies, philosophical theories, reproductions of paintings, pictures with celebrities, pictures in images, world gallery, parables and aphorisms, a new kind of messages, thailand – haiku – gay.

Part of the aphorisms are titles – question and answer. The title, in turn, is a picture title of PAPA JAN, and the answer is part of the message to the world. Each of this message is the subject of a separate work and for many more developments in the context of the present work.

They have another purpose. Create a panoramic view of life the creativity of the adventurer in life and the knight in the knowledge of the KNYZA OF RUSSIA – PAPA JAN. The absurd hero of being, the eternal seeker of values ​​that we can not only laugh at we cry and do not cease to long and rediscover, and also to think and create spiritual values ​​and aesthetic beauty and love … Have a pleasant trip in the labyrinths of life and beyond!

Prince Papa Jan in his life has helped thousands of people to survive both physically and spiritually


Daniela Petrakieva … Prince Papa Jane, an amazing and exquisite workmanship … a complete philosophy of a shaking heart, of love and longing, of eternal striving for beauty and spirituality … I remain with adoration, breathless. Thank you for your friendship, it is honor for me, I am moved, I bow before your creativity and talent, You are a genius … let God always be with you, keep you, caress your soul and bless you now and forever … God, … so much beauty my day … thank you … you are an angel of art, poetry … poetry of the soul … the one without which we cannot, … you are a universe of affection, an indolent yearning and creativity … admired, touched, shaken to the bottom of my whole being. The words .. they caress the soul, they warm the heart, they are the kind of power we communicate with … . your words are pounding as music that remains to sound.. we carry them in spirit and worship … I am fascinated. … such supreme creativity and so much beauty … a lofty soul … a loving soul …. I bow down to your genius and talent and your amazing art .. and thank you. A complete … a universe vibrating with beauty and exalted…. Magic … a real magic that takes you to another world … in another universe, in another dimension … unattainably … a desirable…. touched only in dreams … but reality … to which I touch … thank you … your words are the heat that burns in the heart, flows through the veins, they are life, alive and shivering. Amazing creativity – genius, thank you Jean, every word remains to sound in the heart … Inspired and exalted for love … wonderful. One dream … one seeking soul … restless and loving … thank you.. I am so fond of you … your paintings are so beautiful, real world masterpieces … a delight for the soul … thank you Jean…

Inspired, real, experienced … thank you Maestro Prince Papa Jean … your words and pictures are perfect and exquisite, ingenious…

Fine and perfect is your creativity … breathtaking.

Exceptional words, pictures and messages that touch the heart ..

Delightfully  … an amazing… Complete philosophy of a life … before which I stand without words, breathless … bowing….


After twenty – three years of creative work NOW IT IS DONE AND PRINTED ONE OF THE BIGGEST BOOKS IN THE WORLD “GALLERIE HAIKU – “ JANOI SM” FASHIONIZED WITH THE STONE AND FIVE PERFORMANCES OF PICTURES  by one of the most impressive artist, writer and thinker of the 21st century – Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jean.  In the project participated three of the best designers in the world.

 Kostadin Kutryanov (COCO GOGA) 7 years first in the ranking of best designer in the world, Ivan Gurkov 3 year first in the ranking of best designer in the world and Krassimir Krastev . Also best translator from Bulgarian to English in the world Andrey Todorov. Numerous translators, editors, proofreaders, and printers participated in the project. The book is printed in three languages ​​at the same time; Bulgarian, English and Russian have, also in Spanish. It is inconceivable to publish without the grateful support of the Art Gallery Graf Todor Dimanov. WITH LOVE AND HELPFUL TO ALL PRESENT BULGARIAN WORKS PARTICIPATING IN THE PROJECT. THE MOST – PRESTIGIOUS GIFT OF MAESTRO PRINCE PAPA JAN FOR THE FOURTH ANNUAL CREW PICTURE AND THE SIXTH ANNIVERSARY ROUTE. BY THE MAIN EDITOR OF THE BOOK RUMYANA LILOVA.


Dear Friends, today 08.09 1957 in the picturesque town of Asenovgrad in 08: 35 hours was born young Ivan from his dear mother Lydia. A “big man”was born  weighing 5,350. So he started  his life as a  socialist in Bulgaria. He passed his education through the pioneering and Komsomol companies, the agricultural technical school Chepelare and the elite Financial Economics University of Svishtov. And little by little he became the great Bulgarian painter and writer Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jean. In Russia he received much of his education and most of his credentials and titles. So the little Ivan from Asenovgrad turned into Prince – a Russian Prince. In the difficult times of his business in Russia, unusual things happened to him. 32 times attempted attacks. The airplane was blasted and many cars as well, but Prince survived and grew stronger and heightened his roar of fans and friends from all levels of elite world societies and personalities. His world glory and vocation grew. On the way, he met and contacted some of the most beautiful women in the world who turned into beautiful picturesque canvas that stood in the world art galleries and museums. And here days and years flew like moments, and little Ivan became Grandpa Papa Jean.

That’s how his wonderful grandchildren Alexandra, Michael and Jean call him. Today, the Great World Famous Bulgarian Artist and Survivor Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jan has 60 years of good health and thousands of ideas and projects bubbling in his head and millions of fans all over the world. On this day, I thank you, Mother Lydia, for bringing me here and rising, and to the nice dad Nicholas who has gone very young from this world. Keep your soul in Eternal memory.              I thank all my teachers who led me to the knowledge. Thanks to all the collectors who bought my paintings. I thank all my friends and fans who supported me and followed with my millions of comments about my art. I thank all the media who steadily followed me along the way and raised my glory and success. I thank all my women who loved me and charged for new creative projects. Thanks to all my relatives I love. I thank my wife Maria who gave birth to two wonderful children Gergana and Lydia. I thank Irina Delina, Laura Mahadmadavi and Valeria Besedina, whom I love madly and forever and to whom I dedicated my most beautiful work. Thanks to the world-famous Russian healer Juna who appreciated my extrasensory ability and we had  worked  together. “Eternal  memory to her”. Thank you my own little sweetheart  for surviving. I thank all people whether they like me or not. I Love You: You’re Maestro Academic Professor Prince Papa Jean.


Intellectual – Sexual Energy in the Creativity of Maestro Prince Papa Jean


Sex is intellectualized and the intellect is sexualized. Thanks to sexual energy the ntellectual energy increases. The  rotation of Kundalini – the energy of consciousness.

Shortly before orgasm, you take out your penis and go to the other room where you paint another masterpiece and transfer the sexual arousal into intellectual and use the energy of tantra. This is the only way to make world-wide pictures of historical significance.

The tantra closes us between intellectual and sexual energy. The tantra aims to increase the excitement and the duration of the climax

The goal of the Tantra is to improve, to grow spiritually, to merge and to transform sexual pleasure into a spiritual experience.

The 5000-year-old Eastern spiritual practice of tantric sex does not mean they have to make love for hours. The basis of the Tantra is respect for the partner, and the overemphasis through art, psychological cohesion and various techniques. In her view, orgasm is a mystical experience in which the mind and the body are in complete harmony.

The tantra aims to increase the excitement and the duration of the climax.

Hot couple, tantra and hot bay – winter sex in the studio >>

How to include elements of tantric sex in your own bedroom and painting in the studio?

Focus on your breathing and that of your partner and then paint pictures.

It’s common for people to have sex, reciting their erotic poetry. Pay attention to what your body experiences. The way you breathe and your partner’s response to touch is very important to achieving complete unity in sex. Shortly before climax , you remove the penis  and go to the other room to paint and then go on again. A superior way of orgasm is mutual emptying , painting and putting fingerprints from your bodies on the canvas. And getting Ecstasy is a further recitation and dedication to the beloved poetic poetry. Reaching the beloved with a portrait of the partner is the highest stage of spiritual orgasm.

 In 1927, the six largest minds in the world, Erwin Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, Albert Einstein, Max Planck – all are Nobel Prize winners and decide that there is no unifying equation that combines wave mechanics matrix mechanics and Einstein instructed Schrödinger to create the unifying formula of all theories that began. But this happens as Schrodinger sees himself in a villa in the Alps with his student. In one room he places all the fictional formulas from the other scientists. In order to get erotic stimulation and give birth to a new intellectual equation, he prepares   for two nights a  girl to watching the stars, and when the sexual act begins and feels that it reaches a climax, he takes the penis out  and goes to the other room to complete the equations of all ingenious scientists. Somme times tries and does not succeed, but  he manages and creates the “Evolution of the wave function” – the most genius equation and the theory of mankind on which the space flights and the computers are invented. Proven truth from the world memory analyzes. Conclusions: Every genius of creativity is the product of a sexual relationship and a great love experience.

With Love: Your Maestro Prinz Papa Jean – Artist – Writer – Thinker

Adelina Vasileva: “Brutally good! Genius! Supreme! This is Prince Papa Jean for me. You noticed that he did something amazing: he wrote beautiful poetry and it was dedicated to the philosopher Laura Yordakieva – Mahatmadevi. He draws it! He’s delightful, I’m captured! “

 Adelina Vasileva: “Brutally good! Genius! Supreme! This is for me

Some of the thousands titles of articles published in newspapers and magazines all over the world on the life and work of the great Master Prince Papa Jan:


The newspaper “Segodnya”, 1995: “Papa Jan – the Bulgarian Picasso”

The newspaper “Russia Today”, 3 May, 2001: “Papa Jan burns in everything to the last”.

The newspaper “New Bulgaria” 26 May, 1995: “Papa Jan:”if you build a gallery, let it be universal””.

The newspaper “Arch Art” 1 July, 1996: “The artist Papa Jan – “The all-powerful Diamond””.

The newspaper “24 Hours” 1 July, 1996: “PAPA JAN IS TO CHARGE THE WORLD WITH ENERGY”.

The newspaper “Region”, 23 August, 1995 : “PAPA JAN – ‘COSMIC MAN’ – opens the first underwater exhibition in the world.”

The newspaper “24 Hours”, 29 June, 1996: “The famous hide in outlying villages and caves. The self-taught icon painter Papa Jan is painting like mad in caves.”

Magazine “Grace Style”, March 1999: ‘THE MYSTERY OF PAPA JAN’.


The newspaper “Anons”, 16 January, 1996: “THE WORLD FAMOUS MYSTERY MAN, THE COSMOPOLITAN PAPA JAN exhibits in Vidin.”

The newspaper “Trud”, 20 July, 1996: “Valeria Veleva in conversation with Papa Jan in the show INTELLECTUALS IN SLIPPERS: “I AM A SKIRT-CHASER AND FATHER OF THE COLOURS’10 hrs a. m. 19 July, 1996: Papa Jan burns his pictures outside Parliament, protesting the heartlessness of the MPs.”

The newspaper “24 Hours”, 24 June, 1996: “Van Gogh himself steps down from a picture for the Bulgarian artist Papa Jan. The Assenovgrad icon painter encodes his works for the year 2023. Sylvester Stalone offers him 10 million dollars.”

The newspaper “Shock”, 3 December, 1999: “The Bulgarian Picasso – Papa Jan – has screwed 10 thousand women, models for his pictures.”

The newspaper “Continent”, 8 July, 1996: “THE ARTIST PAPA JAN IS TO PAY BACK BULGARIA’S FOREIGN DEBT. Papa Jan is arranging his latest exhibition before conquering outer space.”

The newspaper “Nightly Trud”, 9 July, 1996: “Papa Jan among his pictures. An exhibition with pythons around the neck.”


The newspaper “Trud”, July 1993: “Papa Jan, the millionaire from Assenovgrad, possesses a collection of works of art for billions of dollars.”

The newspaper “Antennae”, August 1996: ‘PAPA JAN MAKES PAINTINGS OUT OF THE SCREAMS OF LIFE.’





Czar Simeon II, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria:

Prince Papa Jan, I am happy to sign the “Picture of the Millenium”. It is for the first time I learn of such an original idea. Thank you for the extraordinary gift of a picture for my fifty-ninth birthday.

Old Granny Vanga, a world renowned healer and clairvoyant:

You will prosper and others will follow you.

Gorbachov, former President of the USSR:

The most meaningful 15 minutes in my life were my meeting with Papa Jan.

Old Petko from the town of Belene:

Thank you, son, for your God-given strength of hand which gave back my health to me.

Kiril Rashkov (Gypsy King of Bulgaria):

Good for you, Papa Jan.

Ole Nidel, a Tibetan lama:

Papa Jan, be the “All-Powerful Diamond”. You get the highest degree of distinction but it is for the services and skills which you possess.

Hristo Stoichkov, world-famous footballer, No 1 in Europe:

The painting “The Victor of the World” will be the gem of my collection of pictures.

Richard Dow, international curator:

Papa Jan, you are the man through whom the world will discover Bulgaria.

David Schultz, world wrestling champion:

Your pictures threw me into a touch-down.

Mario Zhechev, artist:

I re-read the book “The Papa Jan Gallery” and carry it like a Bible.

Kostadin Kutryanov (Koko the divine), a computer specialist:

I thank you, Papa Jan, for helping me realize the dream of my life.

Valentin Yordanov, seven-times world wrestling champion:

Papa Jan, before a contest I always work myself up before a picture of yours which I possess.

Elin Yotov, a police commissioner:

You, great Papa Jan!

A man of the Universe!

Both hell and paradise can be on earth. We carry them in ourselves!

And know that there is in life more imagination than you can guess. You, my friend, are spiritually rich. And know that money does not make us rich but busier.

Sergei Potapov, a big businessman (Russia):

Your pictures are the most valuable capital investment of our firm.

Bobby Mikhailov, world-famous footballer:

You are made of iron, Papa Jan!

Rossitsa Kutryanova, librarian:

Oh, my! He is actually living and breathing and not a legend!

John Glen, astronaut, US Senator:

I am shaken! These pictures will stir America!

Snezhana Zhivkova, associate professor:

Your pictures affect me more strongly than those of Picasso. 

Yugo Tagasi, author (Japan):

Papa Jan, your pictures are like the dawn in our land.

Priest Joseph:

These are not human but satanic creations!

Helmut Muller, German art critic:

Papa Jan, even Van Gogh would have envied the colours and hues in your pictures and the depth of your philosophical and aesthetic vision.

Zhelyu Zhelev, former President of the Republic of Bulgaria:

Man – Earth – Cosmos! Well done!

Academician Marin Goleminov, world renowned composer:

Paintings done as though with the means of music, with much imagination, much meaning but everything is sustained with emotion.

Krassimir Balukov, world-famous footballer:

These pictures deserve to be seen by the world.

Alexandrina Pendachanska, world-famous opera singer:

There is so much music in your colours!

Lyudmilla Poptosheva, artist:

The enormous energy radiated by the pictures of Papa Jan, “The All-Powerful Diamond” is communicated to the viewer.

Robert Adams, collector:

These pictures are the most valuable acquisition in my collection.

Viktor Bugai, world-famous Russian painter:

From a pupil of mine you turned into my teacher. I am grateful for your


Todor Mikhailov, singer, literary scholar:

Every time I come in contact with a picture by Papa Jan I get an erection. This phenomenon demonstrates unambiguously the presence in his paintings of pansexual energy orgon discovered by the great thinker Wilhelm Reich.

Irina Delina, world-famous poetess and philosopher.

What strikes me most powerfully in Papa Jan’s paintings is that they are not burdened by what’s temporal and secular. They belong to all ages at the same time. They come before and after painting; before because they possess the spontaneity and immediacy of pure vision of the primeval unity and after, because they depict thought itself… Such an aesthetic assessment ushers in the demise of art criticism…

Timen Timev (Johan Ge Moll Materius Rozenkreuzer), world-famous writer and philosopher:

Maestro Papa Jan is a nobleman in life and an adventurer in knowledge.

Where gods freeze in silly self-adulation, Papa Jan, unsubdued by his own joy, indifferent to his latest success, bored by ovations he predicts, embarks on his next adventure, now an intellectual one, or not, but that does not matter because in the warped kingdom of life every exploit is the right one. He is always a monk and a warrior at the same time. All these re-incarnations which his soul undergoes – poet, artist, collector and patron of the arts, creator of a new style in painting, “Energy Lyzism” of a new spiritual teaching, “Janoism”, nature healer, are only the human and pale expressions of a more noble and inexhaustible passion: Beauty! But, unsatisfied with stormy life and by the aesthete’s cheap narcissism, he attempts to encounter this beauty in a more bitter and dolorous image: Truth. This offensive and haughty feminine form of  Beauty becomes his last and final beloved. He is that volcano of energy who does not care in what form he will be cast. Constantly excited by artistic stimulus, no matter whether vis-a-vis Earth, Woman or Idea, he recognizes only one unshared passion: his own contempt. We can always see him, walking about, a self-critical smile on his face. That is why he is ever after his own vision as a stranger and yet thousand-times painted image. Lonely, with the millions of images in the soul and thinking of communing only with his haughty Ego. Energy bestows honours in loneliness which his nobility condescendingly rejects in society. Proud with the cosmos of visions and ideas belonging to him and modest with his human pictures which he paints in hours of boredom (three hundred canvases a year), he, smiling sadly and ironically, alone ponders himself: am I more talented than prolific? Whether he would embrace an ideal, a logic, a compassion or a new style in art is for him invariably an expression of bestowing ecstasy. Besides being an author and artist, Papa Jan is also a nature healer, treating his patients with bio-energy. His paintings produce energy curative effects with extra-sensory activity. The energy of his extra-sensory abilities has become energy of colours; from individual ability it has become an ability of his productions which, independently of the artist, themselves carry out Art Therapy Communication. Troubled by the unending energy stream in art and in life and seeking to liberate himself of his bursting power, Papa Jan has been compelled to develop a new style in painting – “Energy Lyzism”. It is a style of the universal Energy Pan-solubility of colours and forms among themselves. The missionary Papa Jan helps thousands of people to live on physically and spiritually.

Violeta Gindeva, distinguished actress:

I am amazed by the pictures and their great variety. I wish you success in future.

Incredible fantasy and productivity. Striving after eternity!

A genius!

Don’t allow anyone to corrupt you! You are supreme!

Svetla Dimitrova, chief designer of the firm “Aries-Unikat”:

Only true people can be geniuses!

Be what you are!

Live your life as God ordains!

You are a communicator and remember that!

Brain energy, expressive and operative, in the name of the good!

God bless you!

Geniuses are those who are mad! – (unfortunately).

Petya Naumova, extrasensory healer:

Amazing works of art! Pictures charged with healing radiance, so powerful that it is imperceptible. I perceived it. Sir, may God bless you and give still more strength to your hands.   

Valentina Tomova, extrasensory healer:

I am grateful for the splendid pictures which radiate cosmic energy. May the great artist attain cosmic greatness and may these pictures remain eternal just as the Cosmos is infinite!

I revere Papa Jan’s great talent!

Valeri Taganski, actor, director, author:

Papa Jan,

His body – a picture,

His word – a soul,

Be great, as God has ordained.

Nadya Petkova:

Papa Jan is a great genius. We are glad he is Bulgarian. This is an optimistic phenomenon.

Lilli Ivanova, the most popular pop singer in Bulgaria:

To Papa Jan with all my respect and reverence for his talent of genius.

I wish you all the best.

Ivan Tatarchev, former Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria:

I express respect for the man Papa Jan and immensely admire his palette. He is a Bulgarian national asset. From the bottom of my heart I wish him health, cheerfulness and fresh creative achievements. May he always be true to himself.

Gal Grubby, artist and pupil of Prince Papa Jan:

There have been legends and customs still exist. You can hate but please, love Papa Jan. The genius Papa Jan is lofty, elevated, immense and divinely talented. The road is endless but do not stop for those who do not know. Opening the flower from inside, everyone comes in but from an open flower they come out. Be there, Papa Jan!

Maria, Katya, Boryana, fans of  the Master Papa Jan:

We are amazed! A veritable wonder! Pictures of genius for Eternity!

Boris Stefanov:

Papa Jan’s pictures impart strength and power to everyone who views them or comes into contact with them. They are not only healing but are also new classics in painting. Papa Jan shows something that has never been shown before!

Velin Georgiev:

Papa Jan, a poet in painting and an artist of glory!

Konstantin Krimets, chief conductor of the Moscow symphony orchestra:

THE GREAT GENIUS of the 21st century, Papa Jan – E (translation from Tibetan):

Preserve your divine spiritual potency!!!

Let there be generations which can reach and get into touch with your great masterpieces!

I thank fate for the joyful meeting with you!

Thank God! Moscow, direct communication with the Cosmos, 17 June, 1998, in this life.

Klim Lavrentiev, deputy director general of the Committee on Cinematography of Russia:

Papa Jan, I am very sorry I saw only a small part of your pictures but many of them will remain forever in my memory. They prompt deep reflections and in general are a new style in art.

Lydia Fedosseeva – Shukshina, a world-famous distinguished actress of Russia: Viktor Glushtenko, director:

Papa Jan! This evening in Moscow, this park, this spiritual communion is an amazingly pure and unusual moment for our meeting with you.

Your pictures, your world will really remain for a long time with us.

We are grateful and will remember, remember, remember…

We will always be glad to meet you.

We hope that for you, too, this evening in the “dark park” will remain forever in your memory!

With sincere respect!

Georgi Tsankov, author, critic:

With joy and excitement I look at the pictures and read the books by Papa Jan.

He is a hope and a new phenomenon in Bulgarian art.

Masha Shukshina, actress:

Beautiful, brilliant, expressive! With confidence I expect a fast flight and world-wide successes!

Grigori Rostovski, Consul General at the Russian embassy to the Republic of Bulgaria:

Unforgettable minutes, ineradicable impression of the great art. The best cordial congratulations and soulful gratitude for the pleasure received from the Bulgarian artist of genius Papa Jan.

George Ganchev, an MP, presidential candidate in Bulgaria:

To Papa Jan, with love. I am grateful for the fine pictures, the best in my collection.

Vladimir Sizov, a Moscow artist – surrealist:

When chance acquaintances become friendship this is already beautiful! When the meeting of two artists becomes a union of deep understanding – that is splendid!

And that union is of true masters of the brush.

Papa Jan is simply beautiful both in painting and in life – this shows genius and is worthy of Eternity!

Zaza Melhistinski, a showman:

Papa Jan – Oh, you great Prince!

When I met you I was greatly charmed because such people as you are born once in a thousand years.

You are the genius of the 21st century!

When I saw your pictures I was simply amazed and by the portrait of Philip Kirkorov , exhilarated.

May God grant us what we have deserved in this life!

Adelina Pashova, prosecutor, the town of Sofia:

                     THE VERDICT ON PAPA JAN

I had difficulty perceiving that which can be collected in a living thing. Such a wealth of abilities, ideas, realizations, pictures, books, poetry, music, philosophy, performance and film directing, perfect driving, incredible culinary abilities and other skills.

Papa Jan – phenomenal or a genius, is a gift of God, for the joy of us, Bulgarians.

My verdict as a jurist – prosecutor:

                                         IT IS

Be till the end of your life a creatively inexhaustible “CREATOR” of your incomparable pictures, verses, thoughts, books and films. Create art, sing and live according to God’s will on the Earth for our joy.

                              I SENTENCE YOU

Till death to be inexhaustible source of creative energy, which God has profusely bestowed on you, to create incomparable and so far uncreated masterpieces.

Alexi Naidenov, theology professor:

Prince Papa Jan

You are a channel for divine energy.

You are the ideal type of the man – creator.

We are all the product of a lesser or

greater love, frequently, of a rape.

You are a child of Universal love.

You are a plenipotentiary of God!

Through you God converses with people!

You bear no blame for that,

Which God whispers to you!

You are his last plenipotentiary!

I am happy that you exist!

Everyone who is climbing towards the peak

must descend!

Papa Jan has no peak.

Mikhail Yossifovich Vashkevich, President of Byelorussia abroad:

The artist and the Messiah Prince Papa Jan

the foremost phenomenon in the painting of the 21st century,

I am deeply convinced, is the work of the artist Prince Papa Jan. Centuries will pass but his pictures will be an eternal, true spur towards the Sublime Human Spirit.

When the hand of the artist is guided and led by the Creator of all humanity Himself, by God Himself, then these pictures become immortal and priceless. May God bless the genius Papa Jan who has enriched humanity with the lofty flight of his thought and fantasy.

Makhatmatevi – Lora Yordakieva

         “Papa Jan’s canvases are indeed alive! Papa Jan is a Master! A great painter! In every painting he instills all his energy – he charges the canvas with ideas, vibrations, meaning which he finds significant! Papa Jan always believes in what he is doing! He does not just simply do it but creates it  because he has something to say! He merits his world recognition! His art works are impressive! All-absorbing! In his canvases Papa Jan imprints a code  a seal  – if you can perceive it you have grasped the sensibility of its creator and are are aware of he  has to say to you! Papa Jan always imparts his meaning through his pictures. In a word, he does not merely draw sketches without meaning but reflects conditions – Mystic ones!

         Granny Vanga has said the following about Papa Jan: “You will last and the rest will follow you!” and as far as painting is concerned  this is entirely valid! In Pictorial Art Papa Jan is the Teacher of many! Each one of his pictures establishes a contact between him and us.It is something like the influense of Fun Shui, no matter whether you believe in it or not , Fun Shui influences you!I resisted many long years… tried to deny Papa Jan’s impact but to no avail! It took me 17 years to admit it! When you encounter Papa Jan he simply penetrates inside you… and remains there FOR EVER! Yes, he produces an impact! Yes  he has total and powerful charisma! He simply IS!”  (Statement/2013/ by Makhatmadevi – Lora Yordakieva about Papa Jan – Ivan Georgiev)


Hello, REBORN Prince Papa Jan!

AFTER the discovery and burning of the Devil’s head






On  June 23, 2013  (Whitsunday) the world famous painter and author Academician Prince Papa Jan  –  the Chief Bright Magician of Bulgaria, after  long searches in monasteries and mostly by meditation discovered the head of the DEVIL in Bulgaria, near Bankya, close to a monastery in a hole in the earth. He has been following it for 19 years but after consultation with the prophetess Vanga and through his own insight the divination has come true. The ambition of Goethe, Hitler, Stalin and Materius Rozenkreutzer is now an artifact. Prince Papa Jan has acquired all the power and might of the Universe and the infinite responsibility before the world. Already million are offered for the find but the Master would  exchange the Devil’s head only for Bulgaria’s foreign debt. So that our country could restore the power and might of the Bulgarian people.

         For the first time in the world from the town of Varna, housing estate “Chezarino”  thirteen mysterious burnings of the Devil’s Head began together with burnings of ritual paintings  by the Master, Prince Papa Jan. The burnings start on July 6, 2013 and are to continue till December 13, 2013, at various points all over the world.

         The predictions of the prophetess VANGA and of Prince Papa Jan which were made for the Great Wonder 19 years ago have come true…

         Those present at the burnings who are of weak nerves and have health problems are advised to take preliminary medical measures. But Prince Papa Jan has made special energy protection and everyone can rest happy and assured.

         With the first ritual burning on Jul 6, 2013 at the housing estate “Chezarino” the grand start is made and a new epoch begins in the development  of humanity which is to bring everyone all over the world positive energy, inspiration and divine strength  so that with good-will and love we can finally crush the power of evil coming from the depths of the Evil One. That new epoch will see the triumph of the Good and the lofty Love . As a symbol of this victory and an expression of the unification of mankind  the power of thought is already working through the great work of Master Prince Papa Jan “Picture of the Millennium” which is signed  by millions all over the world with positive messages and which is to fly in  the space exhibition along with the magic sealed in “The Book of Love”.

         “Thirteen nights are imminent during which those sinfully in love are to pass through all infernal circles and will reach the Absolute at which  tragedy is Paradise and hell is the dull warmth before the hot bed of LOVE…”

         On July 6, 2013 in the town of Varna in the Chezarino restaurant  in the St Nicola locality /Pochivka bus-stop/ the opening of the BLUE SUMMER 2013 is to be held in the form of a show – THE MYSTICAL IMPRESSION OF “MYSELF, THE CROSS AND THE DEVIL” with the special participation of Prince Papa Jan.

You will be able to see the following:

A sensational exhibition with a literary reading from “THE BOOK OF LOVE”  which competes for the Nobel Prize. The book is dedicated to Papa Jan’s great beloved  – the world renowned writer, philosopher  and spiritual teacher Lora Yordakieva (Makhatmadevi).

         Everyone will have the opportunity to place energy messages and motifs on the triumph of the Good upon white erotic robes of the fairies, which will be  sent as part of the Master’s space exhibition.

         The sacred purification and opening of the senses to the blessed reception of the cosmic positive energy through a mystic ritual  with the newly discovered artifact of universal significance – THE DEVIL’S HEAD of which the author and chief executor of the project is the Chief Bright Magician of Bulgaria,the world-famous artist and writer Academician Professor Prince Papa Jan, the finder of the Head of the DEVIL.


Prince Papa Jan creates a new philosophy by the burning of the Head of the Devil


         Burning the Head of the Devil according to the ideas of the master Prince Papa Jan is to transform the Love of God  into “All if Love” re-thought and re-created in The Book of Love


         The great love of God – the Devil (the brightest white out of all who are beloved, the fallen Angel who has turned into a fiend of hell. But there will be light and  a great art, the insights of Dunov about the white and the Divine Light which produces my philosophy, re-created in my new style  of painting called “Energy Lizism” – the style of the universal dissolving of colors and forms among themselves. Energy Lizism is a style  about the universal Energy Dissolving of colors and forms  among themselves, discovered by me, Prince Papa Jan, and actualized in my paintings  which – receiving the Energy from my extra-sensory activity – continue  to carry it over as Art-Therapy communication  with a positive curative , aesthetic and spiritual effect. And after we have spoken of the magic of light , let me also mention that  Energy Lizism, as a style of all styles re-creates the Light of creation. The diffraction of the spectrum of light dissolves energy in the form of color. Each color    bears the purity of the fundamental brick of the Universe (the  Universal Gallery).

         The  diffraction of the spectrum of light is the natural analysis of the world energy. The world energy, self-analyzing, generates the colors as a presentation. The colors are the existences of the natural self-analysis of the Universe. “The other name” defined by the Energy Lizism is: the Human Subjective  Repetition of the Artist of the World objective Self-analysis of the Universe, through which is produced the self-image of Oneself as Colors and a Life-Creating Principle.


         This, too, is my Manifesto to humanity for its perfection according to the model Image and Likeness of the Creator!


         Because God is:

         The thinking unthought.

         The speaking unspoken.

         The feeling unfelt.

         The touched untouchable.

         The spiritual existence of to be and the material existence of to have.

         Through the “Energy Lizism” discovered by Prince Papa Jan:


         “The meaning of the world must stay out of the world.”

         The creative is forbidden to appear as created.

Through this physical and creative act – the Burning of the Head of the Devil we get in touch with the Universal Love. By now tens of thousands of people have signed “The Picture of the Millennium”. Prince Papa Jan’s idea is for the entire humanity to co-author the canvases which are to fly into outer space together the “The Book of Love” dedicated to LORA YORDAKIEVA (MAKHATMADEVI), world renowned writer, philosopher and spiritual teacher.

He has created a new ego-centric philosophy of concepts. He introduces a new omni-lexis of eloquence. He has discovered a new poetic alchemy and a poetic omnisemantic credo. He is working upon the development of monopersonal expressiveness and rhetorical pathos. He creates new techniques of meditation and contemplation: “I breathe in the Universe and breathe out Painting”, “I breathe in Being and breathe out Knowledge”, “I breathe in Beauty and breathe out Poetry’, “I breathe in Philosophy and breathe out Messages”, “I breathe in Feminine Beauty and breathe out Eros”, “I breathe in the Atom and breathe out Power”, “I breathe in Spite and breathe out Goodness”, “I breathe in Art and breathe out Eternity”.

Prince Papa Jan creates a New Quantum Microscopic Bioconsciousness in art – “Cerebral OmniJanoism” – a technique of painting inside the brain of billions of pictures and their telepathetical transmission in space. He develops projects for cloning super-human beings, droids, by means of a super-sensory bio-product; a project for prolonging life through techniques of meditation and contemplation; a project for transforming memory and consciousness, “Eternal Life”.

“Universalism” is a new reading and proof of the logic of the universe and Prince Papa Jan’s experimental attitude to the world around us. The circular technique of painting – a successful attempt made by Papa Jan at mixing circular time, Bio-energy, the eternity of the universe and the energy of colours.

The primal circular technique of painting was introduced by the “Picture of the Millennium” which began the endless cycle of  ‘ETERNAL CREATIVITY’ whereby in each successive art work are contained elements from the preceding picture like a spiral progressing repetition of circular time.

Already scores of thousands of people sign themselves on selected paintings by the Master. Prince Papa Jan’s idea is for the entire human race to become co-author of the canvases which will fly in the Universe. Humanity’s spiritual unification through great art is Prince Papa Jan’s basic motivation for life in the 21st century.

“The ideas of my pictures and the idea of a Universal Gallery, as well as my basic motto ‘To beauty, with love’ are more important than anything I have created so far in order to attain Eternity…”

“And I have always believed that it is not important how many and what kind of pictures I have painted…More important are the ideas for their creation dictated by the Eternal Creator. Because even if the world were to vanish, there will remain the idea of its creation and it will again be created. In this way I feel a pupil simultaneously of Plato, Nicolo Cozanski, Leibnitz, Hegel, Husserl, Whitehead, Materius Rozenkroitzer, Nikolai Berdyaev, Nietzsche, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir, Salvador Dali, Aivazovski, Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart, Shostakovich and attain their motto: “Liberate yourself of the sense of possession and ownership of the ideal products and the creations of the Spirit and elevate yourself to the insight empowering you over the Spiritual Universes…’ Everything written, painted and composed by me has been written, painted and composed by them and everything written, painted and composed by them has been written, painted and composed  by me. And the entire wisdom of them all has painted the world – a world of beautiful ideas, colours, music and dreams!

Therefore, the pictures which are painted according to circular time and the method of Energy Lyzism represent Absolute Time without beginning and without end. And the Universal Gallery is the linear time crossing over into circular time. And to find yourself in the Universal Gallery is to find yourself in the Eternal Present and Absolute Time!”

Opinions and comments on the work of the world-renowned Bulgarian avant-garde аrtist and academic writer Professor Maestro Prinz Papa Jean and for “The Book of Love”.

Stela wrote: “Comments on Prince Papa Jane and his work:” Book of Love “is cult! I congratulate Prince Papa Jane on the great work! I am so filled in  and dazed! Everything is in this book! You are incredible and you  must have a monument at least in the center of Asenovgrad!  – / Velichka Dimitrova, Plovdiv /” The beauty of your books and paintings is stunning You are a unique creature that just gives love and creates light! “- / Danaia Sivova, Razgrad/ After reading” The Book of Love “, I tremendously drew attention to the sentence: ” Prelude to the next poem ” and I know that this is a serious promise on your part, Prince Papa Jane – you will make this poem, of course it can not be “Love in the Silence”. I am waiting for “Love in the silence”, which is the chronological continuation of “Book of love.” It is striking that both are dedicated to the famous Yogina Lora Yordakieva – Yogina is the exact word for her – it is fused with God! And so you have reflected it on your picture! I bow down! “- / Martin Ganov, Sofia /.

“Youre writing is very poignant! You are drawing very passionately! I am your fan and I can not get enough of your work! You are a world figure! “- / Hristomil Rachev, Sofia /. “There is no other such interesting person as you – such grabbing books and such great pictures! I am struck to portray the beautiful and gentle Laura Kostova Yordakieva on canvas. She is my fellow countryman whom I have been admiring for years and which raises my spirit …! I saw your new book, Prince Papa Jean, which you wrote in honor of Laura! Now I can only tell you that you are a great connoisseur of classics when you make paintings with Laura and write books about her! Let your name be shining! “- / Dimitar Malezov, Vratsa /. “You have to register in the Guinness World Records for the greatest man in the world!” – / Zina Izmir, Velingrad /. “It’s very beautiful what you do, Professor Papa Jean! Oh, how I still struggle after meeting the Book of Love, in which you acknowledge your love for your Diva, and you have passionate words in her honor because she is the captive of your heart. Only the artist will tell it and show it! You are large, majestic, proud! You write so well about Laura and paint it with power …… you captivate us, and we want more pictures, more of your books!  We are looking forward to you “- / Yovka Zhivkova, Vidin /.”

– Maya Assenova: “Mr. Prince Papa Jean is a unique artist!”

– Marieta Dimova: “So much beauty! I’m delighted! They showed me the book of Prince Papa Jean’s love – I was shaken by the poetry he wrote! “

– Biljana Sechkova: “This Pope Jean is amazing! It is not enough to paint as God, but also to write like a Devil! “

– Anna – Maria Kotzeva: “I am definitely intrigued by the work of Pope Jean! When the two books “Love in the Silence” and “The Book of Love”  will be printed out ? I must have them! “

– Christina Evdenova: “Ow! I fell on the cover of a new book by Prince Papa Jean – “a book of love”!             I noticed his brilliant idea to bring a portrait of Laura Yordakieva herself into his picture! This is literally a great idea for excellence! The painting by Pope Jean and the portrait of Laura complement each other! Sit like a song! Prince creates, definitely! “

– Iskra Toneva: “Who is this Pope Jean? Prince? Because I think he is at least God! At least he is in his works! Dedicated books by the authoritative Laura Yordakieva! He is sensitive and sentimental, apparently able to feel, to love! He has a heart! “

– Adelina Vassileva: “Brutally good! Genius! Supreme! This is Prince Papa Jean for me. You noticed that he did something amazing: he wrote beautiful poetry and it was dedicated to the philosopher Laura Yordakieva – Mahatmadevi. He draws it! He’s delightful, I’m captured! “

– Denislava Gabrova: “I am intrigued! In the cover of a book that Prince Papa Jan published is a photo of the famous photographer StopTime – Tsvetan Yordakiev. Covered in the cover was one of Papa Jean’s greatest paintings, and there was also the photo of StopTime photographer – that amazed me! The picture is a portrait of Laura Yordakieva’s model and it turned out that the book itself (called “Book of Love”) is dedicated to Laura Yordakieva’s model. You must see this brilliant combination! Do you know where I can buy this book? “

– Iveta Tachkova: “I have no words! Academician, Professor, Prince – Papa Jan himself has published a new book dedicated to love! This is totally over everything he has done! The book is very good! “


– Desislava Hristova: “I have read so many times the texts of the two new books that Prince Papa Jean will put on the market. The books are phenomenal – they are called “Love in the Silence” and “The Book of Love”, both dedicated to the famous Laura Kostova Yordakieva, known as Mahatmadevi. That made me respect the works even more. And I read them so many times … They are beautiful! My library is empty without these editions, but I’ll get them! “

Nikolinka Ivanova: “Does anyone know when and where will be the premiere of Papa Jean ‘s new editions, because I heard he made the two books of his life, his two most beautiful works; there are poems written about the Spiritual Master Mahatmadevi (Laura Yordakieva). This is the most incredible thing about me. And I want to go to the premiere of Papa Jean’s new editions, but when and where? Please write to me if you find out more! “

– Asen Trayanov: “I was not reading poetry, but they showed me some wonderful poems that I did. They were written by that Russian Prince Ivan, known as Pope Jean. I began to respect poetry! Today I saw the cover of one of the books, and it finished me! I realized that everything Papa Jean made was dedicated to Laura Yordakieva – the most beautiful woman for me and the most wanted! The prince loves her, and he draws so artistically in words that now and I can now say that I have read real poetry! I think I buy this book and the other one I read poetry from. They are very good, it may be because of Laura, it may be because this Prince is indeed a genius, I do not know, but he’s got it. I read the verses very seriously. They are good, I tell you! The books are two – “Love in the Silence” and “The Book of Love”. Ladies, I recommend them! Whoever has a heart and knows love must own these editions. I say it! “

– Kaloyana Stefanova: “Oh, I have no words! I thought Papa Jean was just painting! And see how he writes! I burst out of my mouth! He showed me his poems! I still read them … they are soaking wet! “

– Dochka Mihaylova: “The prince Papa’s majesty does not end! Now a new book! Book of love! The most misleading thing, the most stylish! A book dedicated to the woman – The woman with the main “G”! Poetry is madness! Full of thrills and passion! “

– Miglena Tosheva: “I have seen pictures of the famous Pope Jean, but you showed me poems. And I stayed in love! I do not have a breath! How do you just write ……! It affects me! This is an artist! “


“It remains a little before the big start. Pope Jean gains strength! The fireworks are prepared and we are waiting for the wild salut! Some do not believe, but I know – it will be a Holiday on Friday, 13th! “- (Diana Ovcharova, geologist)

“Beauty! I can not find another word to talk about this guy! An amazing work is provided by Academician Prince Papa Jean! “- (Lydia Yaneva, politician)

“Prince Papa Jean was born again! And we all have to thank first of all for Laura Yordakieva – the model, the philosopher, the teacher, the writer … ..just She! She who awakened the creator again for life and gave him a push not to sleep! Why sleep when it can amaze us with wonderful and supreme works ?! I’m shocked. The prince brightened and started talking tales! “- (Todorka Simeonova, pedagogue)

“Majesty and much spirit is in this Prince Papa Jean! To honor it and to bow, because it is really great! “- (Vladimir Nonchev, lawyer)

“Everything that Prince Papa Jane does in the name of Laura Yordakieva – Mahatmadevi is a class! Everything Prince created by using the “Laura brand” achieves a good result! Laura – now the prince has a way to show his country, which many did not believe he had, namely – Prince Papa Jean is not a joke to the world but a huge and great person! “- (Gina Koleva, translator)

“What strength! What a sword! What a spirit! This person has taken the palette and poured out his soul on these canvases! He has a passion! He gave power! Above all, I set the latest portrait of Laura Yordakieva, painted by the artist! “- (Histaki Todorteste, hotelier)

“Well done! Academician Prince Papa Jean is already at the top of the food chain and will now eat all the smaller ones who thought he was pitiful and small! He will eat them alive and will swallow them whole! “- (Yordan Filov, journalist)

“I am amazed! Since somehow Prince Papa Jean was awakened by the beautiful Laura Yordakieva, whom we know as the writer Mahatmadevi, something has happened to this man: he began to show the most beautiful of himself. It is as if you cleanse and give birth to a new one! The difference is extremely visible! And if we have to say about this to Laura THANK YOU  – let’s all do it, because Maya Laura has done the miracle, and now Prince Papa Jean has a new image. I really like  the new Prince Papa Jean! “- (Leonida Delyanova, poetess)


“Open the champagne! Look, the Prince Papa Jean Creator has remained. The fool is gone! Now to celebrate and watch only the works of the Prince in complete transference! We have no other choice, do we? “- (Genadi Tsolov, artist)

“Bravo for the strength of Professor Academic Prince Papa Jean! This guy is wonderful! “- (Boyan Zelov, trader)

Elena Yovkova

Bravo Prince Papa Jan! Какое счастье, что есть поэты и художки, воспевающие вечную женственность и красоту! Пусть люди радуются и любуются!  –  translation from Russian:                      What a blessing, that there are poets and artists who are glorifying eternal femininity and beauty! Let people rejoice and admire! – Paula Mihova

Pope Jean – a waterfall of poetry and an ocean of passionate beauties, great, do you write these brilliant things

“It remains a little before the big start. Pope Jean gains strength! The fireworks are prepared and we are waiting for the wild salut! Some do not believe, but I know – it will be a Holiday on Friday, 13th! “- (Diana Ovcharova, geologist)

“Beauty! I can not find another word to talk about this guy! An amazing work is provided by Academician Prince Papa Jean! “- (Lydia Yaneva, politician) – Elena Tosheva

“Great Prince Papa Jane, I had the incredible opportunity to hold your” Book of Love “in your hands and read it – this is your most incredible book! This is the most beautiful book in the world! I am proud that you are enjoy the creative Spirit, passion and respect in the image of Laura Yordakieva – the girl yoga, the girl goddess, the girl philosopher! You have no idea how you act! ….. You will shine in the light! I know it!

Virginia Kirkor Avsharian –  Yes it’s you Creator Universe Unique Thanks!

Stela wrote: “Great! I wish the Nobel Prize!”

Snezhana Asenova A great statement and I join you right away! We have so many people that we can not afford to say …. Yes, now there will be only light! And success! Somehow with Laura Yordakieva, it really did happen for good!

Paula Mihova – very strong almost like Byron

Gram Vesti bg • Friends with Stela Antonova and 3 others

This is a great book, a straightforward cultural hit!



Hi, Prince Papa Jean! I have received two of your two letters two times, but I do not know why it blocked the function with which I can confirm the opening of the letters, so here I tell you (I write) that I opened these letters.

I was very surprised at such wonderful comments about your poems, about the book, about you, about me even – the comments you sent me, how dozens of people wrote and told you about me as an author, as a beloved woman, about the ” Book of Love “, what kind of wonderful words … This is something big – how people want to spoil you to have a piece of you! Well done!

I understand about your forthcoming appearances in Russia – this country is something like your Mother and she will certainly welcome you – there you have always been among your own people in your own waters. Go and show your work, just be !

Comments and Comments on “Book of Love” – ​​the world famous painter and writer academician Professor Maestro Prinz Papa Jean

“The Book of Love” – ​​love poetry has reached new peaks! “This poet and painter Prince Papa Jean made me score points!” He writes uniquely, well, he has a lot of passion in his poems.However, as if he is better than himself, because he is drawing even better than he writes! Do you understand? “” It is as if he is so high that he has no one to compete with and what he does,  it is compiting with him self! “Super Man!” The geniuses are this way! “- Malina Gancheva, Business – Lady

“I did not know that this artist painted Lora Yordakieva! I am amazed! I just got into her portrait by Prince Papa Jean, and I was struck! An amazing creation! Picture of the Louvre! The artist’s success comes from the sense and the ability to create the splendid forms of a real woman, the most real woman – Laura (Mahatmadevi) herself – the model that so many artists and photographers want. Laura, in fact, is not available. She is an expensive model and with a reason! Know your price! She has posed to Prince Papa Jean for portraits, and not once! Unbelievable! This, however, raises his price – to Pope Jean. Imagine an exhibition of paintings by Prince Papa Jean with Laura – this will be the most exquisite place in the world filled with warm eroticism. The the feminine  in Laura is so sensual and gorgeous, so enchantingly sexy, that I’m set on fire by the thought! I learned that a great composer has even written music for Laura’s latest erotic art portrayal! This is already a great idea and has not been done so far. I think everything that turns around Laura Yordakieva is at a very high price, because that personality is not just the 21st century Madonna, as they say about her, and she is from Eternity. Prince Papa Jean surprised me so pleasantly, so I am delighted by this portrait, which I saw that my soul is now full, I am alive! “- Stilian Marinov, architect

“Hey, I had not seen such a book! This is something very beautiful, I admit it! This “Book of Love” like it shines! More from the cover! – I recognize there the image of Laura – Mahatmadevi and I shudder! Fascinating! And then you start reading like a hungry how he eats ….! I also like the paintings that Mr. Academic Professor Prince Papa Jean has shown! Is this actually one person?Because to me it feels like they are ten in one! To have such abilities, only in one person – I can not call it talent because it is small! Even geniuses, it’s not enough! That’s why they named him a Prince,  because somehow they wanted to commemorated him  and they  are right to make it so great – it is well worth it! I was very impressed by the Book of Love, and I do not read poetry often! And of course, the mystery of the book is already kicking you! Is this a man like you and me? – No! No way! Either God, or Demon! There is nothing average about  him! “- Hatch Aliprian, trader

“I’m shocked! I thoroughly read the Book of Love three times – well, there is no such book anywhere! Great author, murderous artist, great man! Let his name be shining forever! “- Gina Tomova, church worker, poetess

“Academic Professor Prince Papa Jean is for me a great mystic! Can not be solved! I received a Book of Love, and it proved to me how unrecognizable is Prince Papa Jean. Hope there are more such people! “- Theodora Hristova, speech therapist

“Book of Love” – ​​I saw her and grabbed it right away! The cover made me – that was Laura Yordakieva! We’re friends with her, and I’m a fan of her – I’ve been following her for years! As a child I knew her as a karate and taekwondo girl, and some other martial arts – I did not remember the names, then later on I knew her as a yogi (they say it was the best on the Balkan Pen and I believe it) I recognized her as a model – / I shuddered at each of her sessions – she awakened the man in me /; after that, I saw Laura as a writer – (she offers the Teaching of the East in a very qualitative way, and also has her philosophical achievements that lead us to the Light – amazing; after that, Laura became a master-philosopher – / there is nothing to be amazed – it is right for her and the diploma is for her /; so then she is a therapist – a psychotherapist, a relaxing therapist, an art therapist – / or is there an end – I do not know? / – I can keep going,  but better stop somewhere! Now, what’s up? “The Great Professor Prince Papa Jean,” he himself, I understand that he is painting Laura, writing about her, re-creating it! He is also a multi-person – Professor, Prince, Academic, Mag, Writer, Sportsman, even a priest if you do not know and with real San. He has titles, ranks – heavy work ……. When the big ones are big they are really big! There is never one thing! They are versatile! These are the Indigo people of the New race who will change the world to the good we all need! “- Zvezdelin Fotev, Wine Producer

“The chief light magician of our country – Prince Papa Jean, made a new book, yes! And I already have it – gave his book to a frend of mine in Sofia. Here in Tarnovo people are struck – I showed “Book of love” of many friends and they  are all one with me:  extol  the author! We are very touched that the book is dedicated to Laura Jordakieva – the 21st century miracle girl! More miracles will be created by Prince Papa Jean – we believe it! “- Christina Spassova, teacher

“Thank you for asking me and someone is excited about my personal opinion! I read “Book of love”, oh, yes – even twice! I feel like I’m going crazy my self from love ! It is obvious that the lovely and sexy Lora makes the author to be the max and to create great works to please us, the mortals! It is as if Laura is the air of Prince Papa Jean, which he breathes in and when he breathes out – the roses bloom and smell! I really like the poetry of this man! “- Nevia Popova, historian

“I learned that” Book of Love “has already been translated into Russian and will be published in Russia! So fast! The author does not play! That’s how it lives – up to the end! I bow! “- Spas Dimitrov, a driver

“Joy overtook my soul as I realized recently that the creator Prince Papa Jean is still active – writing, painting, creating, publishing books – it was time.  The Love Muse has blossomed  in front of him and he started singing like a nightingale in the forest at spring! What else will we see, he is               amazing ?! “- Tatiana Dasheva, a psychologist

“Book of Love” is a striking reading for me, which I still study ! I study the work very seriously and I think that the author will reap huge worldwide fame! And because of his paintings as an artist, Prince Papa Jean will get even more crowns and titles, especially if he still draws this modern personality – Laura K. Yordakieva, who is stunning and lucky. Professor Papa Jean just blossomed! It’s very exciting, you all see it yourself! “- Radostina Komleva, astrologer”

August 26 at 23:30 • I like



… To infinity!

Stela Antonova posted in your diary

“HOT applause for the greatest event in your life, MAESTRO Prince Papa Jan! YOU prove that you are the BIGGEST! I See how when one truly love / Like YOU adore and lOVE MAHATMADEVI – LORA YORDAKIEVA / There are creations OF A MIRACLES AND THERE is  brilliance! MAY We all love each other  this way, so we can do such a good things!  Friday, 13th September 2013 is the day that remains in the history as the most affectionate, because you Prince Papa Jane returned back and showed all your significance! THANK YOU FOR ALL! SUCCESS IS incredible! GOOD LUCK  WITH THE BOOK, WITH THESE MIRACLES  paintings and definitely wish  you a Nobel Prize, because  you deserve it!

Gram Vestibg (a friend of Julia Mihailova) commented on your picture.

Gram wrote: ” insanely  beautiful portrait of Lora Yordakieva – the beautiful woman / who just needs to be shown more and more … and along with other portraits of Laura – to go around the world to celebrate Prince Papa Jean – really good artist without borders! “

Gram Vestibg (a friend of Julia Mihaylova) wrote the link you shared.

Gram wrote: “Yes, we have seen portraits of the Indians made by Tsvetan Yordakiev, and we are marrying Laura’s disciples!”

Gram Vestibg (a friend of Julia Mihaylova) commented on your post.

Gram wrote: “They are wonderful and so people speak, yes – we hear such opinions only when we did not record and quote them, otherwise many people are melting over  Laura Yordakieva and Prince Papa Jean.  Thank Laura for her contribution, to re-appear in the light of Prince Papa Jean! “

Gram Vestibg (a friend of Julia Mihaylova) expressed your opinion about your condition.


Gram Vestibg (a friend of Julia Mihaylova) expressed your opinion about your condition.

Gram writes: “Mali, this dude, he’s giving it very good!” Very cool what he said, “So we are in the same opinion with the man!”

Stela Antonova commented on your post.

Stela wrote: “Oh, my dear mother, what is this WINNER ?!” Oh, what a great thing! Oh, I did not expect it, honestly! N-degree creator Papa Jean and obviously the best portraitist that is possible! , You, Mother of God, How You Caught Only Laura, Tenderness, Charm, Femininity, Grace … Oh, I Wonder!  You are a insane creator, you are a great Maestro! You hold wild devils, but you also create uniquely harmonious! Now i am going crazy! As (Todor Dimitrov) it says  – BEAUTY IS ONLY WITH YOU, PRINCESS PAPA JAN! And this is one of the thirteen portraits of LORA YORDAKIEVA (MAHATMADEVI) – if that is what the rest of you are! You are a creator, indeed, a class! “

Gram Vestibg (a friend of Ivan Stanchev) commented on your post.

Gram wrote: “Oh, classics, and now this portrait, we are shaken by  the uniform – it is obviously a prince, and that raises the class of the portrait! God, Prince Papa Jan – Why Prince? “

Kalin Kardamov commented on your post.

Kalin wrote: “Hey, wait, where, without me, you are commenting on this thing here!)))) And I did not know, dear God, I’m amazed! Unique beauty!” Prince Papa Jean showed his majesty, showed he could work with the brush.  I agree  100% with all the comments, here I am stuck and abandoned everywhere, I  totally admired  the painting – the portrait of Laura Yordakieva is the icing on the cake in the Prince’s work. This is the peak, culmination, orgasm , totalitarians the best! This is classical to the heights of God! Prestige and style, wild enchantment … This portrait so vividly portrays Pope Jean that everything else in the world does not matter. Me too like Stella,  still thinking about things, I need some time……. UAU PRINCE PAPA JAN IS A NUMBER ONE FOR ALL TIMES Shit, he is good,  what is good needs to be admitted! Wow! I’m crazy! I’m left in delight and without breath! YOU ARE GREAT PAPA JAN! “

Kalin Kardamov commented on your post.

Kalin wrote: “Yes, yes, yes again!” Portrait of a miracle! Prince Papa Zan stood up to the story of the fine art! The uni- formate, Michael’s gaze, the breath ….. everything is poured out in perfection!

Please send the invoice with these details to this email, so we can send  the money

Stela Antonova commented on your photo.

Stela wrote: “The most beautiful book!”

Elena Tosheva

“Great Prince Papa Jane, I had the incredible opportunity to hold your” Book of Love “in your hands and read it – this is your most incredible book! This is the most beautiful book in the world! I am proud that you are enjoy the creative gusts, passion and respect in the image of Laura Yordakieva – the girl yoga, the girl goddess, the girl philosopher! You have no idea how you act! ….. You will shine in the light! I know it!

Snezhana Asenova commented on your picture.

Snezhana wrote, “So class and beauty!”

Snezhana Asenova Greetings to the genius Prince Papa Jean!

  • Snezhana Asenova I am waiting for the publication of this book – “Love in the silence” – with this image of the cover. I told many people about the upcoming publication, and that there will soon be an edition of this book which, together with the Book of Love, will conquer the world! I’ve been able to achieve a pre-charm in people, and I know when they see the book – they’ll just fall out! Magic is to see this portrait with these insanely beautiful verses! People say this painting is the most beautiful of the century! You have to present it somewhere to be reward for it – incredible! Here Laura is so real, it is herself. The hand from which the portrait is drawn is God’s!

Snezhana Asenova commented on your post.

Snezhana wrote: “Here is another quote-opinion about you:” Bless YOU! “Mashala, Maestro Princess Papa Jane, you write books about the famous Laura Yordakieva, beloved Mahatmades! You will see bright lite on your way! This is the child of the dawn, the woman for the bed , the teacher of the  guiding Light!  You wrote such a book that I literally screamed while I was reading it. You made such a painting of Laura that I was bristling every inch of my body while I was looking at her. Stay well Maestro – so you write, so you draw, that there is no one to reach you! I read from the cover to cover the “Book of love” and I got mad of joy! I have hurd that you were coming up with another book about Laura / possibly with Laura’s picture on the front cover / “Love in the silence” – it is, you have a lots of love, you are give it a lots of love! it’s obvious, you are shining and this way you make us happy, I congratulate you on everything you create! “- (Sider – a trader from Velingrad)”

Snezhana Asenova Greetings to the genius Prince Papa Jean! 

    The arts patron Prince Papa Jan

who in his life has helped thousands to survive

physically and spiritually.


With love to all

With lots of love to everyone!!!

The Universal Gallery is Universal Love.

The universal love is universal body.

Love it like a soul for you to be a Spirit



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